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Here are the Joffe Books publications for August  2019

Death on the Levels (Kate Hamblin #6)

DEATH ON THE LEVELS an addictive crime thriller full of twists (Detective Kate Hamblin mystery Book 6) by [HODGES, DAVID]Author – David Hodges

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 1st August 2019

A PSYCHOTIC SERIAL KILLER TARGETING OLDER WOMEN: THE AUNTIE KILLER.  An eccentric letter arrives at the police station from a man threatening to kill his aunts. Detective Kate and her colleagues don’t take it seriously.  But an elderly woman is found strangled in her home. “RIP Auntie” is written on the floor in red lipstick.  Then another older woman is murdered.  With a major police manhunt underway, it becomes clear that they are up against a very dangerous serial killer, who is engaged in some kind of personal vendetta. An adversary who will not stop until he has achieved what he set out to do.  But as she tries to get into the mind of the perpetrator, she finds he’s something of a chameleon and always seems to be one step ahead of the police — and this is not the only problem she has to deal with. She finds herself at odds with her boss over what she perceives as a crucial link between their man and a now derelict orphanage.  And another victim will die if Kate can’t track down the killer.

The Vicarage Murder (Monica Noble #1)

DEATH ON THE LEVELS an addictive crime thriller full of twists (Detective Kate Hamblin mystery Book 6) by [HODGES, DAVID]Author – Faith Martin

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 30th August 2019


Monica Noble is throwing a party to welcome the village’s new residents. The guests include Margaret and her cheating husband Sean. Also on the list are a celebrity chef, an Oxford university professor, a 40-something divorcee, and the owner of a chain of gyms.  Then as the drinks are flowing, a shotgun blast rings out. One of the guests is found dead.  DCI Dury and Sergeant Jim Greer are soon on the scene and discover that the victim had many enemies. Almost all the guests harbour secrets and motives for murder. Even Monica’s daughter comes under suspicion.  When another villager is strangled to death nearly a week later, the stakes are raised.  Can Monica help the local detectives save her daughter and solve the murders before anyone else pays the ultimate price?





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