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Here are the Joffe Books publications for July  2019

Paterson and Clocks Box Set

PATERSON & CLOCKS BOOKS 1-3: three explosive crime thrillers by [PARKER, STEVE]Author – Steve Parker

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 1st July 2019

Book 1 – Their Last Words
Book 2 – The Lost Children
Book 3 – The Burning Men

You Can’t Hide (Paterson & Clocks #4)

YOU CAN'T HIDE an absolutely gripping killer thriller with a huge twist by [PARKER, STEVE]Author – Steve Parker

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 2nd July 2019


Albert Tanner, vicious psychopath and burner of men, is in the USA with unfinished business.  Detective Superintendent Ray Paterson and Detective Inspector Johnny Clocks must find him first.  Their task is straightforward: hunt Tanner down and bring him home. But a few explosions, an assassin and a dead child change everything.
Dragged into a sordid world of high class sex parties they discover an Albert Tanner they never knew existed.

Watch Her Die (DI Temple #1)

WATCH HER DIE an absolutely addictive crime thriller with a huge twist (Detective Temple Mystery Book 1) by [LUCY, DEBORAH]Author – Deborah Lucy

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 3rd July 2019

Who murdered Greta Ashton-Jones? This beautiful married woman is found naked, strangled and tied to her bed. Who’s been watching her and taking pictures of her? Who needed to kill her — and why?  Detective Inspector Temple investigates. It’s not the straightforward ‘domestic murder’ he’s been told. Written off by a boss who’s relegated him to the back office, he knows he has to find her killer and fast, but he soon has trouble of his own.  DISCOVER A MURDER MYSTERY YOU WON’T WANT TO PUT DOWN TILL THE STUNNING CONCLUSION.  He’s on the wrong side of the law trying to protect himself and his family when a dangerous criminal with a vendetta is released from prison. As things go wrong, losing his job is the least of his problems.

Dead of Night (DI Temple #2)

DEAD OF NIGHT an absolutely addictive crime thriller with a huge twist (Detective Temple Mystery Book 2) by [ LUCY, DEBORAH]Author – Deborah Lucy

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 12th July 2019

A MACABRE KILLER WORKS IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT. HE’S VERY GOOD – NO ONE SEES HIM.  14-year-old local girl, China Lewis is reported missing by her friend Amy. Detective Inspector Temple is tasked to find her. The more he discovers about China, the greater the danger he knows she’s in.  Temple needs to find her and fast. But when his past suddenly catches up with him and two more girls go missing, it becomes personal. Temple’s quest to find the girls takes him into an evil world of exploitation and it seems he’s the only one who really cares.  ONE SERIAL KILLER. THREE MISSING GIRLS.


The Farming Murder (Eric Ward #2)

THE FARMING MURDER a gripping crime mystery full of twists (Eric Ward Mystery Book 2) by [LEWIS, ROY]Author – Roy Lewis

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 2nd July 2019

THREE SONS. THREE FARMS. ONE MURDER  Jack Saxby is trying to keep the farm he thought he’d been given by his mother. His vindictive father wants to take it away, and Jack’s two brothers also have their own agenda.  Then there’s a suspicious death, and the family’s dark secrets come to light. Can Eric Ward, representing Jack, find out who’s really guilty.  Eric is facing a risky eye operation and he’s still resisting a serious relationship with young heiress Anne Morcombe.  Can he solve the case and save his reputation?


Darkness on the Fens (Nikki Galena #10)

Darkness on the Fens (DI Nikki Galena, #10)Author – Joy Ellis

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 16th July 2019

A SERIAL KILLER ON A POISONOUS MISSION PUSHES NIKKI AND HER TEAM TO BREAKING POINT.  Revellers are flocking into Greenborough for the yearly Dark Greenborough Festival, a three-day event celebrating local folklore, superstition and the darker side of life.  What the public doesn’t know is that there has been a warning sent to the police, saying that Greenborough will be a very dangerous place this year. The anonymous letter ends with the Latin phrase, Mors certa, hora incerta: Death is certain, the hour uncertain.


Two Victims (Rachel King #2)

TWO VICTIMS (Detective Rachel King thrillers Book 2)Author – Helen D Durrant

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 21st July 2019

A MURDERED WOMAN FOUND ON A BUILDING SITE. EXECUTED BY A SINGLE GUN SHOT. BUT WORSE IS TO COME. ANOTHER BODY IS FOUND BURIED IN THE SAME PLACE.  Detective Rachel King has two victims to deal with. The first woman was local nurse, Agnes Moore. One of the victim’s friends makes contact but then disappears.  Does Rachel have a serial killer on her hands? And what was Agnes really helping local girls with?  Will Rachel’s former lover, well-know villain Jed McAteer come back to haunt her with his connections to the victims.


The George Elms Trilogy

THE GEORGE ELMS TRILOGY three of the most addictive crime thrillers you will ever read by [GALLAGHER, CHARLIE]Author – Charlie Gallagher

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 19th July 2019





He Will Find You (Maddie Ives #3)

He Will Find You (Maddie Ives, #3)Author – Charlie Gallagher

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 19th July 2019

Early Sunday morning, a rainy city centre. A ten-year-old-boy steps out in front of traffic. He is dazed, confused and barefoot. He is covered in blood. It’s not his.  Detective Maddie Ives is called out and finds the boy backed up against a shop front. He can’t or won’t speak. His face is a mask of shock and his whole body is tense. He’s ready to run again. He can’t tell her why.  WHO SCARED THIS BOY OUT OF HIS WITS?  Then a man is found brutally murdered, dragged to death. And Maddie and Detective Harry Blaker are determined to find out who is pulling the strings.


The Searcher   

THE SEARCHER a gripping historical crime mystery based on a true story by [ALEXANDER, T.J.]Author – T.J. Alexander

Genre – Historical Mystery

Publication Date – 16th July 2019

January 1822: A child is found dead on wasteland in London’s Liberty of Norton Folgate.  Adah Flint, the Liberty’s Searcher, must examine the little girl’s body to determine her identity and discover the cause of death.  MEET ADAH FLINT AND DISCOVER THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE SEARCHERS.  Adah’s search for the truth takes her through the cosmopolitan backstreets of early 19th century London, with its inns and prisons, street markets and prostitution, cruelty and compassion.  Written by Australian history professor T.J. Alexander and based on real characters and a true crime.


Dead or Alive (Tom Lange #3)

DEAD OR ALIVE a totally addictive thriller with a breathtaking twist (Special Agent Tom Lange Book 3) by [BREARTON, T.J.]Author – T. J. Brearton

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 26th July 2019

A HOME INVASION THAT TURNS INTO A DOUBLE MURDER AND KIDNAPPING.  A hurricane is due to hit Florida hard. Two men take the opportunity to rob an expensive home. Surprised by neighbors, the burglars kill two people . . . and seven-year-old girl, Lemon Madras disappears.  IS THE LITTLE GIRL DEAD OR ALIVE?  Agent Tom Lange is taken off suspension and brought in to find her.  Selected for his street smarts and toughness, Tom gets a lead on a suspect and a possible location deep in the Florida Everglades.  ANOTHER HURRICANE IS COMING AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR TOM LANGE TO FIND THE KILLERS AND RESCUE THE LITTLE GIRL

Crime in the Ballet (DI Markham #5)

CRIME IN THE BALLET a fiercely addictive crime thriller (Detective Markham Mystery Book 5) by [MOLONEY, CATHERINE]Author – Catherine Moloney

Genre – Crime Fiction

Publication Date – 29th July 2019

MURDER IN THE BALLET LEADS DETECTIVE MARKHAM ON QUITE A DANCE.  George Baranov, the ballet’s choreographer, is found in the theatre’s basement with a knife in his back.  He was known for his daring twists on famous productions . . . and for his twisted loved life.  Detective Markham and his team have their work cut out when Baranov’s closest friend also brutally murdered.  Under pressure from the boss to wrap up the case under the mad fan theory, Markham has to play both sides.  As Markham closes in on the murderer, the body count keeps rising. The Nutcracker is set to go ahead with plenty of suspects off and onstage.

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