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CRY TO MECRY TO ME by J.A. Schneider

Liddy Bell shot her husband – or did she? In the middle of a party she’s giving with her guests just feet away? Liddy’s sister Kim, a true crime writer, struggles to prove her sister innocent.

Wyatt Bell was a powerful tech CEO; the party was to celebrate the purchase and restoration of his and Liddy’s 1920s mansion. No one heard the shots that killed him and wounded Liddy. The band was loud and guests were scattered. When the police declare the crime a failed murder-suicide attempt and Liddy as their suspect, her sister Kim is devastated and insists it’s a setup. Wyatt’s handsome brother David and Liddy’s closest friends try to help Kim investigate…but questions arise. Could Liddy have only pretended to be happy, snapped, and shot her husband? Above all, Kim’s worst anguish is wondering if she ever really knew her sister…

With a hurricane approaching, the police put their investigation on hold, and those closest find themselves all under one roof. Relationships unravel, and Kim thinks, “This is terrifying. We’re all five of us in this house. At night in a hurricane with no power…and a terrible feeling of menace. I can’t shake it.”

My Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just love Joyce Schneider’s books there is something about the way she writes that has me pacing the floor waiting for the next book so when I was offered an advance copy of Cry to Me I was – YES, YES, YES and I wasn’t disappointed far from it this book is another absolutely brilliant pageturner.

Liddy and Wyatt have been renovating their house and are now ready to throw a party to show it off. The garden is teaming with guests some friends, some enemies and a lot of jealousy. Then there are gun shots and first in the room are Kim, Liddy’s sister, and David, Wyatt’s brother. The gun is in Liddy’s hand so first sight it appears that Liddy shot Wyatt before turning the gun on herself. As Kim checks for a pulse she realisies 2 things: Liddy is still breathing and everything is not as it seems. The police arrive convinced the case is cut and dried and with a hurricane on the way they have little time or inclination to investigate further. Can Kim and David find out the truth?

This story has just about everything money, revenge, jealousy, love, violence, mental instability, alcohol, love, a cold case….. All play a part as the reader is forced to consider different people for the murder only to change their mind a bit further on. So many twists and turns and secrets to be uncovered that makes this a stunning read.

The characters also make the story we have Liddy a fragile character who leans heavily on Kim they have been through tragedy together and have an unbreakable bond. David and Wyatt’s relationship is not so strong they were estranged for a while but recently have rebuilt their relationship. Winnie has been friend to the girls for many, many years she is a strange character dependant on alcohol to get through the day but she has something lurking inside and that comes accross throughout the book adding to the story.

An adrenaline pumping story with well defined, unique characters this is a brilliant book you don’t want to miss.

5+ stars from me – more please, soon.

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