Audiobook Review of Murder and Layer Cake by Meredith Potts #audiobook #cosymystery

Murder and Layer Cake (Mysteries of Treasure Cove #2)

Murder and Layer Cake: Mysteries of Treasure Cove, Volume 1Author – Meredith Potts
Publisher – Meredith Potts
Format – audiobook
Narrator – Carrie Burgess
Publication Date – 16th August 2018
Genre – Cosy Mystery

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A puzzling murder. A suspicious suicide. A nervous mother. A town on the brink. And cake. Lots of cake.

Amateur sleuth Sabrina Carlson has solved every case that she has ever investigated. Only this time, things are different. She’s fresh out of leads. And the clock is ticking.

It has been over a week since Mark Wilcox was murdered. Not only is the killer still at large, but a panic has taken hold of the idyllic small town of Treasure Cove. Will Sabrina find a way to catch Mark’s killer, or will this case go cold?

If you like pause-resisting cozy mysteries featuring a picturesque coastal setting, plenty of twists and turns, and a witty sleuth, then this is the book for you.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another case for investigator Sabrina and her detective husband, David.

Mark Wilcox has been murdered and his sister is wanting answers. As Sabrina’s sister was also murdered she is even more determined to find the killer but they are all out of leads. When another friend is found dead leaving a suicide text confessing to Mark’s murder it is case closed – or is it? Sabrina is convinced she has missed something and she is like a dog with a bone when she is on a case.

This is the second Treasure Cove book I have listened to and with the first book I found the narration a tad annoying but I must be getting used to it because this one seemed much better and I love the american accent.

Another easy read and I love the short stories that are perfect for my dog walk.

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