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Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who helped with the Launch of DARKNESS ON THE FENS by Joy Ellis.  Another #1 bestseller and that is the result of you guys freely giving your time and expertise to help promote it.  THANK YOU xx

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What the bloggers and reviewers thought:

Joanna Larum’s Reviews

As is usual in Joy Ellis’ novels, the story grabs hold of the reader and won’t let go. Work and food are off the menu until the reader reaches the last page and then there is the dreadful disappointment of knowing that the book is finished and that the reader will have to wait for the next book. Read more here

Linda Strong Book Reviews

As usual with small villages, the residents are, in turn, quirky, secretive except when they aren’t, and on the whole, lends not only credibility to the story, but some humor as well. There are plenty of suspects and twists and turns that lead to an incredible ending.  Read more here

Nicki’s book blog

I love this series. There is always an excellent plot line to keep you guessing and turning the pages, but for me it is the depth and warmth of the characters that Joy writes so well. Read more here

Herding Cats

Guest Post: Nikki Galena by Joy Ellis 

The Word is Out

This story is full of the wonderful characters that have grown to be so popular as the series has progressed and much of this is due to how warm and human they are. The plot is clever and beautifully plotted, and draws the reader through a dark trail of clues and suspects to the final exciting chapters as the culprit is revealed in an ending that still has a few surprises.

Ginger Book Geek

As soon as I began to read, I felt as though I had been reunited with old friends in the shape of Nikki and her team and I even felt as though I was an invisible and extra member of Nikki’s team. Read more

Sharon Rimmelzwaan

It has everything needed to build the story and keep me reading anyway. The writing is fantastic and you feel like you actually are in the middle of the investigations going on around you! A must read for me! Read more here

Loopy Laura

I enjoyed the mix of historical detail, professional police work and personal relationships that the book contained. Joy Ellis uses a lot of dialogue to forward the plot developments rather than long descriptions: this has the effect of making the characters more prominent and developed. Read more here

Black Books Blog

Throughout the book there are lots of tantalising clues as to who is doing it, but also lots of little red herrings, making it tricky to work out exactly what is happening. This book did drag slightly in places, but overall I was hooked as I loved the book and couldn’t wait to get to the conclusion and find out who was doing it.  Read more here

DARKNESS ON THE FENS publish.jpgDarkness on the Fens (Nikki Galena #10) by Joy Ellis

Available from AMAZON

Do you love addictive detective mysteries? Then try this book by a multiple #1 best-selling author now. You won’t be able to put it down. It’s a totally enthralling read.


Revellers are flocking into Greenborough for the yearly Dark Greenborough Festival, a three-day event celebrating local folklore, superstition and the darker side of life.

What the public doesn’t know is that there has been a warning sent to the police, saying that Greenborough will be a very dangerous place this year. The anonymous letter ends with the Latin phrase, Mors certa, hora incerta: Death is certain, the hour uncertain.

DI Nikki Galena and her team soon discover this is no hoax, as people start dying from what appears to be alcoholic poisoning. Things rapidly escalate, and as the deaths get more horrific, Nikki realises they have a serial killer in their midst.


Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the heart-stopping ending.

This is book ten of the international best-selling books featuring Nikki Galena.

DI Nikki Galena: A police detective with nothing left to lose, she’s seen a girl die in her arms and her own family destroyed. She’s tough on criminals but fiercely loyal to her team.

DS Joseph Easter is the squeaky-clean member of the team. But his nickname “Holy Joe” belies his former life as a soldier. He has a daughter and an ex-wife who wants his attention.

The Lincolnshire Fens: great open skies brood over marshes, farmland, and nature reserves. It is not easy terrain for the Fenland Constabulary to police, due to the distances between some of the remote fen villages, the dangerous and often misty lanes, and the poor telephone coverage. There are still villages where the oldest residents have never set foot outside their own farmland and a visit to the nearest town is a major event. But it has a strange airy beauty to it, and above it all are the biggest skies you’ve ever seen.


My Review

Ahhh book 10.  Settling down to read a Nikki Galena book is like having a catch up with a dear friend.

The character is sheer brilliance, feisty, caring, resourceful and unique.  I have read all this series (well I have read every book Joy Ellis has written) and thought I knew all there was to know about Nikki but while reading this I realised the character still has plenty more to give.

Her partner, Joseph Easton, is the perfect balance to Nikki.  He is calm, rational and sensitive.  But, like with Nikki, there is more to learn about his character.  Emotionally damaged by his military past Joseph sometimes has difficulty holding it all together.  His determination to protect the people he loves has no boundaries.

Then there is the story, Dark Greenborough!  The title of this book is probably the most perfect title I have seen in a long time, Darkness on the Fens, it is that alright.  Someone is committing heinous murders.  Victims are suffering agonising deaths and nobody can help just stand there and watch the suffering.  On its own this would be bad enough but it is Dark Greenborough weekend and the area is full of strangers dressed as evil characters from the past.  The perfect cover for a murderer.  Nikki and her team are up against it even with the help of Morgan and Connor the clues are very elusive.  Can this maniac be stopped?

This is a fast-paced, adrenaline pumping read.  Joy Ellis at her very best.  I started turning the pages and couldn’t stop savouring every page and wondering what will happen next all the way to the explosive ending.  WOW!  The best Joy Ellis book yet.  Yes I know I always say that but it is always true this author gets better book by book and I hope she has plenty more to give.

5 Golden stars from me.

Joy Ellis new author photoJOY ELLIS – Author Bio


Over 1 million books sold!

“I was born in Kent but spent most of my working life in London and Surrey. I was an apprentice florist to Constance Spry Ltd, a prestigious Mayfair shop that throughout the sixties and seventies teemed with both royalty and ‘real’ celebrities. What an eye-opener for a working-class kid from the Garden of England! I swore then, probably whilst I was scrubbing the floor or making the tea, that I would have a shop of my own one day. It took until the early eighties, but I did it. Sadly the recession wiped us out, and I embarked on a series of weird and wonderful jobs; the last one being a bookshop manager. Surrounded by books all day, getting to order whatever you liked, and being paid for it! Oh bliss!

And now I live in a village in the Lincolnshire Fens with my partner, Jacqueline, and our four Springer spaniels. I had been writing mysteries for years but never had the time to take it seriously. Now I write full time, and as my partner is a highly decorated retired police officer; I find I have an in-house consultant on hand to make sure that the police and judicial procedure is correct. She also makes very good tea! I have set my crime thrillers here in the misty fens because I sincerely love the remoteness and airy beauty of the marshlands. This area is steeped in superstitions and lends itself so well to murder!


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