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In the spotlight on my Joffe Books 1st in series Blog Event today is the Thomas Bladen series by Derek Thompson. The first book in this series is STANDPOINT in which we first meet Thomas, Karl and other complex characters in the beginning of what is proving to be a brilliantly gripping and fast moving series.

STANDPOINT a gripping, action-packed espionage thriller by [THOMPSON, DEREK]

STANDPOINT (Thomas Bladen #1) by Derek Thompson

Available from Amazon

Do you love gripping espionage thrillers full of great twists and plenty of action?

Meet Thomas Bladen. Smart, sardonic, and in mortal danger.

The woman he’s always loved is threatened . . .

Thomas Bladen works in surveillance for a shadowy unit of the British government. During a routine operation, he sees a shooting which will expose a world of corruption and lies.

When his on-again, off-again girlfriend Miranda is drawn into the conspiracy, Thomas must decide who he can trust to help him save her life.

In a thrilling conclusion, Bladen’s life will be on the line and everything he thought he knew will be turned upside down.


What the readers are saying:

Oh my, this is my first book by this author,and I was surprised how I got into this without reading any others in the Thomas bladen series. It’s well laid out so you just keep turning the pages. This author certainly knows how to keep readers entertained while he is writing. I so look forward to reading more in the series. Beverley Ann

Well written and with very colorful characters. You will enjoy the dilemma that Thomas has with his love Miranda and the love hate relationship he has with his boss.  Donald R Coscia’s Reviews

Couldn’t put it down. I rearranged my whole day to read it nonstop. I can’t wait for the next one.  Gail Braunn’s Reviews

What a good mystery. I simply could not stop reading. Everything moved together very smoothly right to the end. I will be looking for more books by this author.  Kathy Gray’s Reviews

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