Kendra Elliot: Death and Her Devotion

Death and Her Devotion (Rogue Vows, #1)Death and Her Devotion by Kendra Elliot

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A couple of years ago I started reading the Bones series by Kendra Elliott and was immediately hooked. From there I found the Rogue River series of novellas. I have read novellas before this but only as prequels to a full length novel. I am not a fan of short stories as I like a book I can really get into. I was also sceptical about a series written by 2 authors. However, being a fan of Kendra ‘ s I had to step outside my comfort zone and try them. I was surprised how much I enjoyed them they really worked and releasing them as a series of novellas rather than 1 book with 2 authors enabled each author to maintain their unique writing style. I have since read the Rogue Winter series plus Melinda ‘ s entire back list (and Kendra’s).

The Rogue Vows series is a new series to be released shortly but I was given an advance copy by Netgalley in return for an honest review.

Death and her Devotion continues the story as Stevie and Zane approach their wedding date. The book continues to build the characters of Stevie ‘ s family and I feel I am really getting to know the family and their partners. I love the Solitude community too I think something special has been created with these books.

The main story centres around a film star who plays a detective and who is found dead in a situation similar to one of his cases. This is definitely a Romantic suspense novel with the emphasis on suspense there are many twists and turns with many characters and a lot going on. I don’t want to put any spoilers in this review. I read the book in 2 sittings and there are teasers in there that will hopefully become relevant as the series progresses.

An excellent read and I am currently downloading the next book.

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