Adam Nicholls: Black Magic

Black Magic (Evie Black #3)Black Magic by Adam Nicholls

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book in the Evie Black series and comes with a very unusual twist creating another dimension to Evie’s character.

I would advise readers to read these books in sequence because, although they work very well as stand alone novels, the characters are built upon throughout each book and I can see how readers could become confused by not having all the background information.

Running off with the Circus was something that happened regularly in my younger days as teenagers were tempted by the freedom and adrenaline that goes hand in hand with Circus life. It was nice to have these memories rekindled by this book and I especially like the unusual spin that Adam put on this theme.

I am trying to avoid spoilers here: Evie was traumatized by actions undertaken by her brother, Mason Black, and this saw her ping-ponging about trying to find a way to move past these events and I feel this story fits very well with that which is another reason I suggest reading them in sequence.

An excellent book that forces the reader to accept that we never really know what goes on behind the scenes. I am looking forward to the next book

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