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Today I am very excited to hosting a review stop as part of the Blog Tour for DANGER ON THE ISLAND by Stewart Giles.  This is book 11 in the brilliant Detective Liam O’Reilly series and is an adrenaline pumping addition to a series that gets better and better.

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DANGER ON THE ISLAND (Detective Liam O’Reilly #11)

Format – Kindle
Publisher – STILL Books
Publication Date – 31st October 2023
Genre – Crime thriller, mystery and suspense
Author – Stewart Giles

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The Island of Guernsey isn’t exactly a favourite destination for adrenaline junkies.
But it does have one thing that attracts a new breed of adventure freaks.

Cliff jumping is taking off on the island, and June appears to be the best time of year for those that way inclined to choose to partake in the sport.

When a young woman is killed after a jump, her death is judged a tragic accident, but when her body is retrieved, and the remains of another corpse is found on the rocks below, the Island Police are brought in.

It’s the last thing Detective Liam O’Reilly feels like. Still feeling the effects of a case that almost broke him, he really doesn’t need this.

But when he drags himself back to where he once was, and starts to understand what he’s dealing with he wakes up enough to realise he’s dealing with something much more dangerous than the cliffs that people are jumping off.

There is someone on the Island who likes to take things to the extreme, and O’Reilly is damned if they’re going to do it on his island.

What readers are saying about Danger on the Island

‘Oh boy! Another instant page turner of a read from the brilliant author that is Stewart Giles. It’s a very clever, well thought out and executed (every pun intended!) plotline. There’s something special when an author gets the reader invested and so liking the characters, that there’s that reader’s dilemma: The one where you want to know what happens but don’t want the book to end as you are enjoying it so much. Brilliant, stunning and every other superlative. Wowers!’ – Misfits Farm

‘Danger on the Island by Stewart Giles is book 11 in the DI Liam O’Reilly series. I really enjoy this series, which is set in Guernsey.’ – Maureen

‘Without giving too much away I found it extraordinarily original on many levels. I have never come across a murder investigation quite like this one. It certainly kept me guessing and will not disappoint.’ – Carol


This is book 11 in the Detective Liam O’Reilly series and is a brilliant addition to an adrenaline pumping series.

The book begins with Liam recovering from an accident on his motorbike.  As you would expect the Irishman can’t keep away from work and is hobbling around with the aid of a stick but still managing to keep the team on its toes.

A group of thrill seekers choose to jump from a cliff in the early hours of the morning.  It all goes terribly wrong and the first jumper gets it wrong.  It soon becomes clear that the group chose the wrong cliff or the wrong Island for their thrills this time.

The team are soon on the scene investigating but someone is messing with them, all is not as it seems.  Along with trying to uncover identities the team realise that someone is making their life very difficult but why?

As the investigation progresses it becomes clear that as well as investigating what happened recently they also need to look at an accident from a decade earlier.

Will Liam and his team manage to unravel the mysteries and crack the case or will this be the case that beats them?

An absolutely gripping read.  I found this book a bit darker than usual but the author has skilfully woven the cat antics into the story to offset it.

A great read and definitely 5 stars from me.

Stewart Giles – Author Bio

After reading English at 3 Universities and graduating from none of them, I set off travelling around the world with my wife, Ann, finally settling in South Africa, where we still live.

In 2014 Ann dropped a rather large speaker on my head and I came up with the idea for a detective series. DS Jason Smith was born. Smith, the first in the series was finished a few months later.

3 years and 8 DS Smith books later, Joffe Books wondered if I would be interested in working with them. As a self-published author, I agreed. However, we decided on a new series – the DC Harriet Taylor: Cornwall series.

The Beekeeper was published and soon hit the number one spot in Australia. The second in the series, The Perfect Murder did just as well.
I continued to self-publish the Smith series and Unworthy hit the shelves in 2018 with amazing results. I therefore made the decision to self-publish The Backpacker which is book 3 in the Detective Harriet Taylor series which was published in July 2018.

After The Backpacker I had an idea for a totally new start to a series – a collaboration between the Smith and Harriet thrillers and The Enigma was born. It brought together the broody, enigmatic Jason Smith and the more level-headed Harriet Taylor.

The Miranda trilogy is something totally different. A psychological thriller trilogy. It is a real departure from anything else I’ve written before.

The Detective Jason Smith series continues to grow. I also have another series featuring an Irish detective who relocated to Guernsey, the Detective Liam O’Reilly series. There are also 3 stand alone novels.

Website: www.stewartgiles.com
Twitter: @stewartgiles
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stewart.giles.33

I organise Book Tours for Stewart Giles, Joffe Books and a few self-published authors.  If you would like to join in the fun you can sign up via the link below or email me at: booksnall.blog@gmail.com for more information.  Everyone is welcome to join in and help to share the book love.


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