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***FREE BOOKS*** As a thank you to all our supporters from tomorrow for 9 days each book in the Detective Liam O’Reilly series will be FREE for 1 day only.  Below are the dates and a little about the books plus a universal link to Amazon for you to get the book (please check the price is 0 before ordering due to country time differences).

Wednesday 21st June: Blood on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 1)   Buy from Amazon

Detective Inspector Liam O’Reilly has recently transferred to the island of Guernsey from the Special Detective Unit in Dublin and in this first instalment we see him hitting the ground running. He has barely set foot on the island when the body of a man is washed up on the shore. There is no indication of where the man came from – his hands and teeth have been removed and he has a crude tattoo of a dragon on his back. When another similarly mutilated body is found, O’Reilly and his new team realise they’re on the hunt for a deranged killer.

Thursday 22nd June: Lies on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 2)   Buy from Amazon

Detective Liam O’Reilly is bored. Life on the peaceful island of Guernsey is quiet, but it’s too quiet for his liking. In the middle of an insurance fraud investigation he confides in his daughter and tells her he’d give anything for a juicy murder case to sink his teeth into.’ Be careful what you wish for, Dad. “Her words are still fresh in his mind when O’Reilly stumbles upon two dead bodies while investigating a fire at a container depot. The bodies have been burned beyond recognition and nobody seems to know how they ended up inside the container. Soon it becomes very clear that something sinister is happening on the sleepy island and O’Reilly is thrown into the depths of lies and deception as he delves deeper into the lives of one particular family. Everywhere he turns, he’s met with lies but O’Reilly is determined to find out the truth behind these gruesome murders even if by uncovering the lies means he’s putting his own life on the line.

Friday 23rd June: Fear on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 3)
Buy from Amazon

It’s mid-summer on the island of Guernsey and Detective Liam O’Reilly is winding down for the day. He’s enjoying a quiet drink with his daughter when a man in bike leathers walks inside the pub. O’Reilly doesn’t even register him until he hears the gunshot. The man has taken out a gun and shot the barman twice in the face. O’Reilly takes hold of his daughter and throws her to the floor. “Not everything is as it seems.” The gunman leaves the people inside the pub with something to think about before he calmly walks out of the pub. Then another man is shot dead in broad daylight. A figure in leathers tells the witnesses the same thing: “Not everything is as it seems.”  O’Reilly and his team have no idea what is going on. The experienced Irish detective really doesn’t have a clue what this is all about. When the gunman takes a third victim the people on the island start to panic. Fear is rife and confidence in the police is at an all-time low. O’Reilly knows it’s only a matter of time before this madman strikes again, but he’s running out of ideas. With his team working around the clock and running on empty, he knows time is running out before the most confusing killer he’s ever come across strikes again.

Saturday 24th June: Malice on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 4)   Buy from Amazon

A FEUDING FAMILY AND A DEADLY SECRET. Nobody knows when it first started. The tranquil island of Guernsey is suddenly besieged by a wave of malice. Shops are getting set alight, houses are being sprayed with paint and friends are no longer sure if their neighbours are who they thought they were. When a woman is found dead, covered head to toe in paint outside a house covered in identical paint Detective Liam O’Reilly is brought into the midst. O’Reilly soon realises this is much more than a simple case of murder. And when more bodies are found O’Reilly starts to wonder if he made the right decision in coming to the Island. This is a crime mystery you won’t want to miss.

Sunday 25th June: Revenge on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 5)   Buy from Amazon

REVENGE IS SWEET.  How do you solve a murder when you’re the number one suspect?  Fifteen years ago Patrick Finney was sentenced to life for the brutal murders of four women. It was one of the most high-profile cases in Irish history and one that defined Detective Inspector Liam O’Reilly’s career. O’Reilly was instrumental in bringing Finney down.  Now Finney has escaped from a high-security prison and he’s not content to stay on the run.  He wants revenge and he’s prepared to stop at nothing to get it.  Abandoned by the very people he’s employed by O’Reilly finds himself in a predicament that leaves him running out of options. There is only one man who can help him. But it’s a man he vowed he would never contact again, and the consequences of his association with this phantom could be far worse than O’Reilly could ever imagine.  When the hunter becomes the hunted the rules of the game have to change.  This is a chilling mystery that O’Reilly will never forget.

Monday 26th June: Christmas on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 6)   Buy from Amazon

CHRISTMAS: The silly season. Or the suicide season? A string of suicides on the island arouses Detective Liam O’Reilly’s suspicions. He understands that the suicide rate tends to increase during the festive season, but the ways in which these people have chosen to end their lives doesn’t feel right. As O’Reilly and his team dig deeper, they soon learn there is much more to these apparent suicides than they initially thought, and O’Reilly realises there is a seriously damaged mind on the loose. Dubbed the suicide killer by the press, this madman will stop at nothing to get his depraved message across, and O’Reilly is the only one who can put an end to his killing spree. This festive season is one the Irish detective will never forget.

Tuesday 27th June: Silence on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 7)   Buy from Amazon

January on the island of Guernsey is grim. It’s dark and depressing. Detective Liam O’Reilly expected as much. What O’Reilly didn’t bargain for was the eerie silence on the island in the dead of winter. And when an old lady disappears from a care home and reappears, dead on the grave of a soldier who died 80 years ago, O’Reilly has absolutely no idea what to think. When more old people are found, murdered amongst the tombs of these dead soldiers, and O’Reilly is met with silence everywhere he turns, he really has no idea why these people had to die. Then he finally hears the truth. But it is a truth that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Wednesday 28th June: Secrets on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 8)   Buy from Amazon

School reunions are not something Detective Inspector Liam O’Reilly is particularly fond of. But when a man is murdered days before the reunion of a prestigious school on the island he’s forced to get involved. The guests attending the reunion are reluctant to talk and O’Reilly knows not everything is as it seems. A famous actress, a celebrity chef, a controversial author, a US senator, an English MP and a whole host of other public figures happened to attend the school in the class of ’89. When more guests at the reunion are murdered, O’Reilly finds himself in the middle of the most bizarre mystery he’s ever encountered. It appears some secrets are worth dying for.

Thursday 29th June: Chaos on the Island (DI O’Reilly book 9)   Buy from Amazon

If there’s one thing Detective Liam O’Reilly hates, it’s bombs. The Irishman transferred to the peaceful island of Guernsey to escape that kind of thing. So, when random explosions start taking the people on the island by surprise, O’Reilly wonders if moving to Guernsey was such a good idea. It soon becomes clear that the bombs are a smokescreen for something else. Something more sinister is going on, and when a gang of masked men enter the equation, O’Reilly realises this has nothing to do with blowing things up. A team of armed men, dubbed the Fab Four Robbers by the press, soon capture the hearts of the people of Guernsey, and chaos hits the island. O’Reilly is facing the worst dilemma of his career. Many residents of the island are championing these thugs. This new breed of criminals disguised as John, Paul, George and Ringo are about to educate O’Reilly in the fine art of chaos.

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