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She'll Never TellShe’ll Never Tell by Maggie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Olivia is distraught when she finds out her mother has died but her nightmare is just beginning.

As she tries to come to terms with her loss secrets are uncovered that make Olivia realise her life is based on lies. Will she be able to uncover the truth of what happened all those years ago when the people with the answers are dead or brain damaged?

This is a very gripping story full of twist and turns with a new shock seemingly at the turn of every page. How one event, one action can set in motion a series of consequences that have the ability to impact on the sanity of all involved.

The characters develop well and there is the right amount for a stand alone novel to enable them to be fleshed out without spoiling the book with a lot of descriptive text,

I liked the way the difference between different personalities and different upbringings could impact on the mind of a person allowing a thought to fester and grow to the extent that it creates a serious mental illness.

I very interesting and thought provoking read that will appeal to all lovers of psychological thrillers.

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