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Format – Kindle
Publisher – Keith Wright
Publication Date – 13th September 2020
Genre – Crime Fiction
Author – Keith Wright

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‘I do not know what second it will be, what minute it will be, what hour, or even day. But it will come. You may see it coming. You may not. Regardless, I can guarantee you; there will be a moment like no other when you will draw your last breath. Like it or lump it. And at that moment you will see your final view of the world. However, what I do not know, is whether your last glimpse will be the sympathetic countenance of a loved one or the grotesque, contorted, teeth-clenched face of a crazed killer. Nor do you. That is yet to be determined. Other options are available.’Paul Masters, a family man, awakes to find his wife and daughter murdered. But how? It seems impossible. He is arrested for the crime. As he suffers a breakdown, Paul admits to the killing, but DI Stark and his team have serious doubts. When another horrific rape and murder takes place, these doubts seem well-founded, and the race is on to catch the maniac who will stop at nothing to feed his depravity. In his fifth crime thriller, critically acclaimed author, Keith Wright, once again regales the stark reality of murder, derived from his hands-on experience as a CID detective sergeant working in an inner-city area. All Keith’s books are set in Nottingham in the 1980s – a time before political correctness and mobile phones. It was a different world.

My Review

I loved this book.

Firstly, this book is set in the 1980s so before DNA, video interviews, mobile phones and the advances in forensics and definitely before smoke free environments.  I think it is important to bear that in mind before you start reading.

Stark is struggling with social anxiety and is off sick when the first murder occurs so the case is (badly) handled by Mole.  It is cut and dried.  The husband did it they have a signed confession and the culprit banged up.

Then Stark comes back to work!  He sees the flaws and gaps in the investigation and sets about putting things right but more people die before he has the chance.

The adrenaline starts pumping at the beginning and keeps on building as the psychopathic killer continues his sadistic killing spree getting ever nearer to the people Stark cares about.  Can they stop him in time?

Very realistic, human characters that develop well.  Although I picked this up at book 6 not having read the earlier books that did not affect my enjoyment the author has brilliantly ensured that it works perfectly as stand alone.

Absolutely stunning read and well worth the 5 stars I will be reading the books I missed as soon as time allows.

Thank you to the author and BoTBS Publicity for the advance digital copy.  These are my unbiased thoughts and opinions.


Author Bio

Keith Wright is the Author of the crime novels in the ‘Inspector Stark series’ available on Amazon, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited|Audiobook on Audible and iTunes.

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