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FORGOTTEN VICTIM (Detective Rachel King #4)

Format – Audiobook
Publisher – Audible  #joffebooks
Publication Date – 28th August 2020
Genre – Crime Fiction
Author – Helen H Durrant

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When the decomposed remains of a body are found entombed in the depths of a disused Manchester cotton mill, Detective Chief Inspector Rachel King is called in to investigate the grisly discovery.

With gunshot wounds to the knees, this was no accident. This was murder. But the question is: was this a gangland killing or a murder motivated by a deadly secret closer to home?

With the help of DS Elwyn Price, Rachel must follow the trail evidence where it takes her. But who can she trust? And who in this notorious area knows more than they’re admitting to?

Meanwhile, Rachel has a secret of her own. How long can she keep her pregnancy from her colleagues before she has to face up to the reality of her relationship with the shadowy character Jed McAteer?

Rachel faces a race against time. Can she uncover the dark secrets of the past and catch the killer – before it’s too late?

My Review

Rachel King is back and because I love this series so much I couldn’t wait for the kindle version so this is a review of the audiobook.

I am fairly new to audiobooks and audiobook reviews but I usually begin with the narration.  As usual Audible have come up with a perfect narrator in Lucy Price-Lewis and I loved the way she interpreted the characters voices and was able to get across the adrenaline pumping suspense of the story.

We are now far enough into the series for me to feel I am getting to know Rachel and the relationship with Jed brings something different to the series.  Totally different personalities that work together brilliantly Rachel determined to keep Jed at a distance and him determined to break down her barriers.  And now she is expecting his baby.  How long can she keep that secret from her team and Jed?

An then the story wow so many twists and turns.

A new boss who turns out to be the last person the team wanted or expected and not only is Rachel trying to connect the few clues she has but she is given a deadline and to make life even more difficult her new boss refuses to accept the recent death is connected to a cold case.

But if they thought Rachel could be beaten they were wrong.

Another brilliant story from a favourite author.  5 golden stars from me.

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