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Their Dying Breath (Paterson & Clocks #5)

Author – Steve Parker

Publisher – Joffe Books crime thrillers and mystery
Genre – Crime Fiction
Format – Kindle
Publication Date – 11th February 2020

Available from AMAZON

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Discover a crime thriller full of shocking twists by one of the most exciting authors you’ll read this year.


Detectives Ray Paterson and Johnny Clocks attend the scene of a brutal murder on the banks of the River Thames.

Someone’s head is found with a star carved into their forehead. The rest of their body is buried in the mud.

The next day the airwaves are hacked. A live-stream shows a man imprisoned in a box. He also has a star cut into his head.

Then the man is drowned alive in the box.


Paterson and Clocks race against time to make sure their next breath isn’t their last.

But this enemy is far more deceptive and deadly than any they’ve encountered before.  


Detective Superintendent Ray Paterson is a young and (thanks to family money) wealthy womaniser, separated from his model wife and tipped to be the youngest ever commissioner of police. He knows he’s weak when it comes to practical policing and struggles to find a place among his peers, desperate to be a good policeman and not just a ‘climber’.

Detective Sergeant Johnny Clocks is a foul-mouthed, working-class officer. He grew up surrounded by rogues and villains to become a first-class thief taker with the Met police. However, his childish attitude has short-circuited his career and he spends his days antagonising as many people as he can.  


Bermondsey is an area of London nestled on the banks of the River Thames. It once had a reputation for housing more armed robbers, murderers and career criminals than anywhere else in the country. Now one of the most upmarket places to live and work in London, it has all but severed itself from its working-class roots. Home to the iconic Tower Bridge and crammed with expensive apartments, art galleries, fancy restaurants and famous residents. But for the police, those who truly know, Bermondsey never lost its roots . . . or its reputation.

What readers are saying about STEVE PARKER:

“There is also a totally unexpected twist that leaves you gasping with shock.” Maggie

“Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.” Nerys

“A fast-paced, at times almost heart-stopping mystery. I couldn’t put it down.” Barbara

“The end was brilliant.” Carole

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough a true one-sitting read.” Lesley

What the bloggers and reviewers thought

Sue Wallace

A very good read with good characters. Patterson and Clocks are my favourite characters. Looking forward to the next book.

The Word is Out

Clocks and Paterson make a great team. There is a lot of humorous banter between the two, making the book fun at the same time as tackling deadly serious crimes. They have a fantastic relationship built on the shared traumatic events that they have somehow lived through in the first four stories in this series and that have shaped Paterson and Clocks into the characters they are now.

Linda Strong Book Reviews 

This is well written with suspense starting with the very first page. The main characters are the stars of the show, especially Clocks, who sees everything with a sense of humor. and mostly a bit of sarcasm which he has mastered.
Beyond the Books https://sharonbeyondthebooks.wordpress.com/2020/02/15/steve-parker-their-dying-breath/ Steve Parker, yet again, has written a brilliantly well informed, twisted book! It’s action packed, fast paced and tons of weirdly sarcastic humour between the two detectives, which brings the laughs in between the dark moments. They are a fantastic duo that work well together!

Ginger Book Geek

‘Their Dying Breath’ is brilliantly written but then I wouldn’t expect anything else from Steve Parker.  The story hits the ground running and maintains the fast pace throughout.

Sarah Lizzibeth

I highly recommend this great book and I look forward to reading many more by this hugely talented author.

Booklover Bev

I was straight into this murder with added breathtakingly dynamic action all the way in. Paterson and Clock Ray and Johny are such a delight to read. You will feel so engrossed from start to finish. The author has hit the button again an exceptional read I cannot say anymore than pick it up and read you won’t be disappointed.


THEIR DYING BREATH Opens with a tragic, unfathomable, atrocity. Inexplicable, deadly mystery with innovative weaving which joins gripping. horrifying suspense, until the action packed, terrorizing explosive finish. DON’T MISS 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟THEIR DYING BREATH

STEVE PARKER – author bio

Steve Parker was born and raised in South East London (Camberwell and Peckham). At age twenty-one he joined the Metropolitan Police where he served for twenty years in numerous high profile squads before being pensioned out with a serious back injury.

Thankfully, he was blessed with a complete lack of DIY skills so was legitimately able to get away with swanning around the house doing bugger all, all day long. Finding himself with plenty of spare time and a deep desire to never work for anyone again, he dug out an old screenplay he’d written when he was still a policeman and set himself a challenge to turn it into a book which eventually became his debut novel ‘Their Last Words’.

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Twitter: @mrparkerspen
Website: https://mrparkerspen.com/


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