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I am thrilled to be sharing my review of the Audiobook version of THEIR LAST WORDS.  This is book 1 in the brilliant Paterson and Clocks series and having voices put to these wonderful characters was lovely I really enjoyed every minute.

Their Last Words (Paterson & Clocks #1) by Steve Parker

Author – Steve Parker
Publisher – Joffe Books crime thrillers and mysteries
Genre – Crime Fiction
Format – Audiobook
Publication Date – 10th May 2020

Available from AMAZON

A VICTIM. A MUTILATED BODY. A SINGLE WORD. A young woman is found dead on the streets of London. Her throat slashed, her body mutilated, and one word carved into her flesh: “DON’T.” Detective Superintendent Ray Paterson is assigned to the case. Young, handsome, and from a well-off background, he’s tipped for the top. He joins a team based out of Bermondsey, South London. It’s meant to be a stepping stone to his next promotion, but this case will threaten to bring down his career and everything he thought he knew about policing. Paterson is put in charge of the dead girl’s investigation and quickly discovers he must rely on his friend and mentor, Detective Sergeant Dave Jordan to guide him through. THEN ANOTHER BODY IS DISCOVERED. ANOTHER WORD CUT INTO THE VICTIM’S CHEST. The police realise they may have a depraved serial killer on their hands. The murderer is trying to send them a message carved in his victims’ bodies. But who’s the message for? How many more must die? Detective Paterson may be the only man who can stop this vile killer . . . if he can survive long enough.

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My Review

I am a big fan of Steve Parker and have read all his books in kindle format but when I found out it was being released as an audiobook – well the opportunity to have the brilliant characters brought to life in audio was far too much of a temptation for me to miss.

I must admit I am pretty new to audiobooks but I think the narrator for this one was brilliant.  Some audiobooks are a bit like Jackanory (yes showing my age here) but as usual Audible have pulled it out of the bag with a brilliant narrator that actually sounds similar to the way I had expected which made for an even better listening experience.

As far as tick lists go this ticked every one of my requirements and some I didn’t know I had.  Ray Paterson is a rich ladies man who is fast tracking up the career ladder.  His life is a car crash.  They say money can’t buy you happiness, well it seems to be buying Ray a whole lot of trouble and heartache. Some members of the team doubt his ability to be SIO of such a sadistic murder case which adds a new dimension to the story.

The team is made up of some very unique characters some I like and some I don’t but what I do like is the way the author has developed the characters so that they grow on the reader.  I particularly like Clocks behind the clown exterior lies a very perceptive detective and this comes across perfectly.  Jordan is the loveable one.  The team comprises a very healthy mix of different personalities that MAKE the story.

An absolutely stunning book and I am really looking forward to the audio versions of the rest of the series.


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