BLOG TOUR – Mass Awakening by Shoshi Herscu #nonfiction

Today I am thrilled to be opening the Blog Tour for MASS AWAKENING.  This is a very interesting read that really made me think.

Mass Awakening

Author –  Shoshi Herscu

Publisher –  Balboa Press

Publication Date – 8th October 2018

Genre – Non-fiction

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The Truth has been hidden from us while a global policy of mass depopulation and exploitation has been carried out behind the scenes for the past half-century. The author, an independent journalist, became aware of this agenda only in the past few years. She found it hard to believe, but in-depth research and the testimony of whistleblowers worldwide have exposed these strategies. They include geoengineering (chemtrails), fluoridation of water supplies, GMOs, vaccinations, false flag terrorist attacks, and economic warfare by the group David Wilcock calls the Cabal. However, despite this grim reality, a positive shift of mass awakening is occurring worldwide. Tribunals are being established to prosecute elite offenders; revelations of hidden technology like free-energy and new economic models are being put forth. The author shows how humanity is claiming its rightful heritage as spiritual beings and charts the course of our elevation of consciousness.

MASS AWAKENING gives us all real hope for an amazing future.

Mass Awakening is Shoshi Herscu’s well researched and yet profoundly personal handling of intensely shocking material, rarely covered in print. It is both a true inspiration and a much- needed breath of fresh air. 

My Review

This is a very thought provoking read.  The author has done a phenomenal amount of research and all sources have been referenced which makes the book all the more believable.

Are attempts to depopulate the world afoot?  This and many more questions are examined researched and discussed in this eye opening book.

We tend to plod along through life and believe what we are told without question a lot of the time.  This book really made me sit up and take notice of what could be going on around us.  Politicians with their own agenda.  Drug companies with a focus on profit.  Maybe it is time to really question what we are told or led to believe.

I have a lot of admiration of the author for being brave and determined enough to do the research and write this book to try to make more people aware of how they could be manipulated.

Not my usual read but my word I am so pleased it was brought to my attention.

The author,  Shoshi Herscu, provided me with a free digital copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I have since purchased my own copy to keep and refer to in the future.

Author Bio

Shoshi has an MBA degree from the University of Humberside in Hull, England, and is a graduate (BA degree in English linguistics and special education) of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. She has worked as a journalist for PCON magazine, which is an IT magazine for CIOs and CTOs in major companies and organizations in Israel. In this position, she wrote in-depth articles on a wide array of advanced technologies, such as encryption, the Dark Net, analytic tools, protecting the corporate website.


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