#BookReview DECEPTION WEARS MANY FACES by Maggie James #Psychologicalthriller #crimefiction

Deception Wears Many FacesDeception Wears Many Faces by Maggie James

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Lyddie Hunter is devastated when her beloved sister attempts suicide after falling victim to a professional con artist. Driven by her own history of failed relationships, Lyddie vows revenge on the man who broke Ellie’s heart.

Soon she assumes a false identity and begins her hunt for Steven Simmons, a man she knows to be cold, calculating and ruthless. Deception lurks everywhere, however, and Lyddie’s actions unleash a train of events that put her life, and Ellie’s, in grave danger.

A tense novel of psychological drama, Deception Wears Many Facesweaves lies with self-deceit and maybe even murder…

My Review

rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has been on my ‘to read’ list for a while so I was very pleased to finally find time to read it.

Liddie is a successful person. She aced her exams and qualified as an accountant. Inheritance from her father and some successful investments mean she has managed to move to Spain and make a living from her love: painting.

Ellie by contrast has always struggled academically but helped by her older sister she struggled on until a tragic accident damaged her brain. Damage to her temporal lobe meant she would always struggle to make logical decisions and their father asked Liddie to look after her younger sister.

Add a controlling mother into the mix and we have 2 very different siblings one has everything and the younger living in her shadow. It is a recipe for sibling rivalry.

Liddie is happily living the dream in Spain when a phone call changes everything. Ellie has again tried to commit suicide and is asking for her sister. From there everything spirals downwards out of control. There is romance, fraud, lies and fragmented relationships all entangled in a twisty turny thriller.

This was a very good read, unfortunately, I worked out the fraudster early on in the book (although I did question myself once or twice) and that lost it a few points.

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