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Black Books Blog

I started reading this with an open mind and found I really enjoyed the feel of the book, which was added to by the fact it was told in first person, giving the effect of an old 196’s style detective noir book, with Detective Rebecca Everheart making an interesting detective.  Read more here

Linda Strong Book Reviews

I really enjoyed how the lady detectives interacted with each other while learning to work together … some humor, some snapping. But then they learn they have something .. or someone .. in common. I look forward to seeing how their relationship develops in the future. The action is almost constant and while not over-the-top suspenseful, the mystery of who and why kept me turning the pages until the surprising ending.   Read more here

Joanna Larum’s Reviews

A body is found under Newark bridge – a body which has had it’s limbs removed with a chainsaw. Then another body is found in the same place with the same gruesome lack of limbs. Both have also had a wasp inserted in an ear, a wasp which would sting if it felt trapped. All lopping of limbs has been done while the victims were alive which makes the mind boggle.  Read more here

Books n All

My review

Mystery Thriller Week 

This is great crime fiction. I love where the story begins and gives you a sense of motion; but also leaves you with a healthy dose of suspense. Silent Murder has everything you need to feed your crime addiction! Depth of character with good point of view. Sufficient tension and conflict, plot twists, mysterious crimes. A creative and unpredictable plot. I was hooked!  I literally felt part of every scene. I’m a fan. Can’t wait to see what E.R. Fallon has coming down the pike.  Read more here

Ginger Book Geek 

For me, ‘Silent Murder’ is really well written.  The way in which the author has written the story reminds me of the way that Sue Grafton used to write her Kinsey Milhone series.  The text reads as if it is Everhart herself is narrating the story, which makes the story all the more realistic.  I really like and enjoy this way of telling the story.  The author’s writing style is such that she entices you in and keeps you under her ‘spell’ until the moment you get to the end of the book.  That’s what happened to me at any rate.  The story definitely starts with a bang and maintains the pace throughout.  Read more here

Books From Dusk Till Dawn

A new detective arrives on the scene from Vice to lend a hand but the two women are like water and oil that I thought would never mix and at times I just wanted to knock their heads together. But before the tit for tats can get too over the top another victim is found with the same horrific injuries as the first. Then a connection is made between the two dead men. There is little trust between the pair of detectives and in the areas they will be working in that could cost one of them their life.  Read more here


Honestly, I think this book would do well for people who like to read a fast paced book with not a lot of suspence.  Read more here

Rachel Read It

SILENT MURDER (Detective Rebecca Everhart #2)

Available from AMAZON


A body dismembered with a chainsaw is found under an infamous Newark bridge. The victim has links to organized crime.

On her first day back at the job Detective Rebecca Everhart has a new partner to cope with as well as this baffling case. Rebecca has just come back from a homicide case that left her shaken.

Then another body turns up with the same gruesome wounds as the first. Has Rebecca got a serial killer on her hands or a mob war?

She must enter the tightly-knit Portuguese community to break the case.

This is second of a series of enthralling mysteries featuring Detective Rebecca Everhart. Perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers, Melinda Leigh, Robert Dugoni, and Patricia Gibney.

Newark is the biggest city in the state of New Jersey, a gritty waterfront city with a large port. It’s a place that some call home but also somewhere many workers commute in to from the suburbs. It’s considered a dangerous city by some, but in recent years has been somewhat revitalized. One of the most diverse cities in the world, it’s a place full of life and great stories.


E.R. Fallon

Having spent most of my life in and around NYC, I know well the gritty city streets I write about and have firsthand knowledge of the localized crime world through family. I will say no more. I studied criminology in college and was mentored by a leading advocate for the family members of homicide victims. I’ve published several stories with mystery and crime elements that received praise from bestselling international writers, and have previously worked as a business writer. I now live in the countryside and enjoy connecting with readers on and through my website at.


Twitter: @MysteryCreator


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