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Today it is the turn of LADYBIRD on my Advent Book Blog. This is book 3 in the brilliant DS Jason Smith series by the brilliant Stewart Giles. A brilliant addition to an awesome series.

CoverLadybird (DS Jason Smith #3) 

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From #1 best-selling author: Stewart Giles comes a new addition to the popular Detective Jason Smith series.

The Goul is arrested for Murder and Jason Smith is on sick leave.

Detective Sergeant Jason Smith is days away from the end of his sick leave after a case that almost cost him his life when he gets a call from an old friend. His friend has been arrested for the murder of a student. He wants Smith to investigate the murder and prove his innocence. Smith is persuaded return to work. The student was killed with a bread knife. Ladybirds were scattered on his dead body.

When another man is found dead with ladybirds on his body, Smith enlists the help of an insect doctor, the enigmatic DR Karen Wood, to try and understand the significance of the ladybirds. As Smith gets drawn closer to this mysterious woman and more and more men wind up dead with ladybirds on their bodies Smith quickly realises that Dr Wood is not who she seems to be.

Smith and his team unearth a terrible secret from twenty years earlier; somebody wants justice and, as more and more men die, Smith realises he is running out of time to find out who.

This is a fast-paced page-turner with twists and turns all the way to an ending you wont see coming.

If you like Police Procedurals, then this is a series you won’t want to miss.

What the bloggers thought:

Black Books Blog

The book is a brilliant story, which kept me guessing all the way through as to the link between the victims and also who the killer was and why they were using ladybirds at the scene.  Read more here

Turn the Page Blog

I really feel party of Stewarts books a me that they come to life! I can’t recommend this enough! Read more here

Donna’s Book Blog

The characters in the story are great, very well developed and I love their interaction. The writing style is great and it flows really well. It starts at a great pace and that continued right up to the brilliant ending. Read more here

Linda Strong Book Reviews

This book is full of twists and turns. I pride myself in guessing the who-dun-its …. but it just didn’t happen with this one. The author had me running in circles.   Read more here

On the Shelf Reviews

Ladybird is a really quick and compelling read which kept me guessing who the killer was almost until it was revealed.  Read more here

Ginger Book Geek

Bloody hell this was one hell of a dramatic, sometimes gory rollercoaster ride of a read.  ‘Ladybird’ is brilliantly written with a superb plot designed to grab your attention from the start.  Read more here

Joanna Larum’s Book Reviews

There are clues galore but I can never predict the killer, which is why I like these books so much. It’s a rip-roaring ride which I didn’t want to put down until I had finished it. Read more here

Debbie Hipster

Digging back into the world of Jason Smith it’s fast paced from the start. Now his friend the Ghoul is accused. The story has so many twists in the tale. It’s a race against time, as more and more deaths occur. Read more here

My Review

Ladybird is book 3 in the DS Smith series but they do work brilliantly as stand alone.

The story starts with The Goul, a pathologist, being accused of murder.  He begs Smith for help at a time when Jason is struggling through his grief at the death of his girlfriend, guilt and many other issues.  Will he put aside the bottle to help his old friend or walk away from everything?

I think everyone who has read the previous books will know the answer to that one.  Before Smith has chance to prove The Goul innocent another body is found.  Who is killing young men?

Now I have read books that are full of twists, turns and shockers. Lots of them.  But I can hold my hand up and say that I have never read anything like this one.  The unsub is a totally unique character and definitely throws into the abyss everything I thought I knew about serial killers.  There is plenty of evidence but nothing to match it to.  The ladybirds is an awesome idea and how Stewart thought that one up I really don’t know.

As the bodies stack up the team are running out of ideas and the red herrings and twists and turns are enough to make you dizzy.

The only possibility for the murderer doesn’t quite fit and that adds to the intrigue and suspense.

A totally gripping page-turner with complex characters that build well in depth throughout the story.  A brilliant read and well worth 5 stars.

York is a historic walled city in North Yorkshire, England.
At the confluence of the River Ouse and Foss, York is the traditional county town of the historic county of Yorkshire. York Minster and a variety of cultural and sporting activities make it a popular tourist destination.

DS Jason Smith is an Australian who was sent to York to live with his Grandmother when his sister disappeared from a beach. He has suffered many losses in his short life and is now a dedicated detective. He is a bit of a loose cannon he has his own way of doing things and that doesn’t always mean following orders and procedures.

DS Thompson is of the same rank as Jason, but he doesn’t have the same support or success. He and Jason have a love/hate relationship which brings a bit of humour to the series. Thompson is old school and thinks his age should give him respect and privileges, but life doesn’t work that way for him.

DC Erica Witton is Jason’s preferred partner they work well together and share a bond. She isn’t always appreciated by Jason, but they care about each other and that brings a different dimension to the series.

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