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Bongo Fury Simon MaltmanAbout the book

From the Bestselling author of A Chaser on the Rocks and More Faces, comes the noir novella series: Bongo Fury. Follow Maltman’s new protagonist as he tries to balance a music shop, his paramilitary family, a newborn, a little drug dealing and a spot of private detection.

A black comedy from the fresh new voice in Northern Irish Crime Fiction.

My Review

My rating:  3.2 out of 5 stars

I am always a little unsure how to review a short story / Novella and this is a short read at 40 pages..

Jimmy Black is a wannabe baddie who dabbles in all things not quite legal and  when a friend asks him to get some debt collectors off his back it is obvious Jimmy is going to end up under the radar of the  gang leaders.

It is difficult to build complex characters within a novella and I thought the characters, in this one, were a bit vague for me.  It also isn’t really my kind of story which didn’t help much either.

Far too much bad language for my liking and I thought that overall the book really needs more work to bring it up to a decent standard with more defined characters and less, unnecessary, bad language.  I think I have a good idea where the author is going with this book / series but feel he needs to make this more appealing to a wider range of readers if it is to survive the first hurdle and persuade readers to buy in to the series.

Thank you to Simon for the free advance copy of this book.

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