Write Your Novel by Maggie James

Write Your Novel! From Getting Started to First DraftWrite Your Novel! From Getting Started to First Draft by Maggie James

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Have you always longed to write a novel? In Write Your Novel! From Getting Started to First Draft, I aim to inspire you with the confidence to do just that. With this book, I’ll be your cheerleader, your hand-holder. We’ll work on your mind-set, find sources of support, and deal with procrastination issues. I’ll help you carve out the time to write and together we’ll smash through the excuses that are holding you back.

What else? Do you need help in finding ideas? Worried where to start? Unsure whether writing software is right for you? Confused how to plan your novel? No problem! We cover all these issues and more. Every section ends with an action plan so you’re raring to go!

I’ve included two chapters on plotting and another with writing advice. That way, once you’ve finished Write Your Novel!, you’ll have an outline in place, one that will inspire you to get going, and you’ll know how to start. My aim is to prepare you to write your novel as soon as you’ve completed the exercises in this book.

Write Your Novel! is for you if you’ve always wanted to write a novel but:

Haven’t a clue where to start
Lack the confidence
Are unsure whether writing a novel is for you
Have written nothing or shorter fiction to date
Lack the knowledge how to plot a novel

You might be:

Unsure where you’ll find the time
Undecided what kind of novel to write
Worried about what people will say
Concerned your grasp of English isn’t up to par

So if you’ve always yearned to be a novelist but you’re unsure how to begin… why not buy Write Your Novel! and get started?


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