Adam Nicholls: Mason Black Collection (Volume 1)

Mason Black Collection (Volume 1): Books 1-3Mason Black Collection (Volume 1): Books 1-3 by Adam Nicholls

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book by this author and I am quite impressed.

The story is picked up when Mason has left the police force, having failed to apprehend The Lullaby Killer, and become a PI.

I felt as though there was an important part missing by not having the story prior to Mason leaving the force and struggled to join the dots.

The story itself is very gripping and you just keep turning the pages. The chapters are very short, maybe a little too short, but this doesn’t marr the enjoyment.

The book is well written and very realistic characters. I felt the ending had big chunk missing and while it did convince me to download the next book I was left feeling a bit cheated as though the book wasn’t finished, hence the 4 stars.

Lady Luck:
I read book one which had an ending that was not actually an ending so I had to download this book in an attempt to see what happened.

It didnt actually answer all my questions and picks up with Lady Luck going on a vendetta against Mason and Mason being on the run from the police aided by his ex partner who is still an active member of the Police force. Now maybe I am naive but I have difficulty believing that the police actually go around murdering people and get away with it and therefore there were big sections of this book that simply didn’t work for me.

The book ends with another teaser that is obviously intended to persuade me to download the next book but while the book was gripping and I kept turning the pages I was still left saying ‘what????’

This book sees Mason struggling with personal relationships following his actions in the first book.

As well as trying to repair some of the damage he caused Mason is also asked to help find kidnap victims which escalates into another psychopathic killer trying to get to him. The police department ask for his help and he is offered his old job back which leaves him trying to juggle many major decisions at the same time as trying to prevent any more people getting hurt or murdered.

The book is gripping I found it very difficult to put down and the characters are developing with each book.

I love this series and am hoping for many more in the Mason Black series.

Book 1 in a spin off series featuring Mason’s sister, Evie, has just been released and there is also a novella named The Chase which introduces new characters I think we will be meeting in future books

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