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I am thrilled to be helping to close down the Blog Tour for Fifteen Coffins by Tony Forder. Many thanks to Sarah at Book on the Bright Side Publicity and the author, Tony Forder for inviting me on the tour I hope you enjoy reading my review of this brilliant book


Format – Kindle
Publication Date – 6th October 2020
Genre – Crime Fiction
Author – Tony J Forder

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From the bestselling author of the DI Bliss series comes an enthralling mystery thriller.

The truth can set you free – or bury you.

When FBI Agent Sydney Merlot returns to her home town in northern California to wind down her late father’s PI business, she soon finds herself on the wrong side of the aftermath of a high school shooting.

Sydney’s childhood friend – who is now county sheriff – plus the local PD, the mayor’s office, and most of

the town’s inhabitants, are convinced the horror ended when the gunman was killed. Now they just want to be left alone to mourn. But Sydney has other ideas – and she is not alone.

While having to work through her own personal grief, Sydney is openly intimidated and receives anonymous threats. After discovering she is under surveillance, she begins to fear for her life. During her investigation she gains several allies, but as the days pass, Sydney doesn’t know who to trust, and which new friends might actually turn out to be foes…

Early ARC reviews for Fifteen Coffins:

“The crime was a perfect catalyst for the rest of the impressive story line and had some exciting twists- there were times of pure drama, light hearted moments and tears of emotion.”

“I was sucked into the plot from the beginning and therefore stuck between racing through to the conclusion vs slowing down not wanting the book to end! Fabulous!”

“Tony Forder is genius. This book is totally unique, I have never read anything like it.”

“Wow what a read! A powerful story dealing with an emotive subject yet handled so brilliantly.”

“Another 5 star read from Tony Forder.”

“Absolutely fantastic read – totally believable, fast paced and I didn’t see the end coming.”

“Tony is a natural storyteller and I really enjoyed losing myself in this book.”

“Another brilliant read from Tony J Forder!”

“Edge of your seat suspense.”

“This was a compelling and fabulous read.”

“The plot leads us from each shocking surprise to the next with little time to gather breath in between.”

“It is a terrific story and is as skilfully written as Tony’s other books.”

“An edge of the seat reading experience that shouldn’t be missed!”

“As with any of Tony’s books you know you’re in for a treat.”

“Fifteen Coffins is for me Forder’s greatest work to date …and another of my top reads this year.”

“I couldn’t get enough of this book, it’s one of those that you just want to read one more chapter!”

“This book doesn’t give its secrets away easily, and that’s what makes it amazing, brilliant and at times harrowing.”

“A wonderful highly enjoyable read.”

“Five stars from me and let’s hope there will be another book.”

My Review

Sydney is happily living life as an FBI Agent in San Diego when her father (a PI) dies in a hit and run accident.  She travels to California to lay him to rest and sort out his affairs.

Although there are his ongoing investigations to wrap up Sydney also plans to find the missing driver responsible for pushing her Dad’s vehicle off the road and to his death.  The local law enforcements have been unable to find the driver responsible and it has been put down to a drunk driver.  Sydney wont rest until she has answers.

The town is reeling from a school massacre but the last thing Sydney was expecting was for the father of the lad responsible for the murders to arrive in the office convinced of his son’s innocence and wanting Sydney to find answers.  Accepting this investigation will put Sydney in the firing line of the anger and hurt felt by the whole town but she sees something in this grieving man that tugs at her heart and she agrees to find answers.

I do love Tony’s writing so I was expecting great things and I wasn’t disappointed the book delivered on every level.

Sydney is a complex character but one I got to know very early into the book.  She is realistic and very human.  The other characters are also well thought out and they all contribute to making this book a fantastic read.

A very different take on a real life event one that makes the reader realise that there could be another answer to the one that first presents itself.

Can Sydney find out what happened on that awful day and what happened to her father?

I expected a gripping read what I got was so much more. Gripping, thought provoking, well written and a brilliant story well worth the 5 stars.  More please.

I received an advance digital copy of this book but this in no way biased my review these are my own thoughts and opinions.

Author Bio

Tony J Forder is the author of the bestselling DI Bliss crime thriller series. The first seven books, Bad to the Bone, The Scent of Guilt, If Fear Wins, The Reach of Shadows, The Death of Justice,
Endless Silent Scream, and Slow Slicing, were joined in December 2020 by a prequel novella, Bliss Uncovered.
Tony’s other series – two action-adventure novels featuring Mike Lynch – comprises both Scream Blue Murder, and Cold Winter Sun.
In addition, Tony has written two standalone novels: a dark, psychological crime thriller, Degrees of Darkness, and a suspense thriller set in California, called Fifteen Coffins which was
released just last November.
Tony lives with his wife in Peterborough, UK, and is now a full-time author. He is currently working on Bliss #8, The Autumn Tree.

Twitter: @TonyJForder
Amazon Author:
Fantastic Fiction:
Tony can also be found on Instagram.

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