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Closer To YouCloser To You by Adam Croft

What if your loved one wanted you dead?

Grace wants to spend the rest of her life with Tom. She needs to. Because otherwise he’ll kill her.

He’s the perfect gentleman. He’s kind, attentive and caring. Her family love him. And he needs Grace dead. But why?

As the feeling grows that Tom is not as perfect as he seems, he begins to slowly and systematically destroy her life. Can she discover the truth and escape with her life?

From the #1 international bestselling author of Her Last Tomorrow and Tell Me I’m Wrong.

‘Incredible’ — BBC News

A ‘sensation’ — The Guardian

My Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a stand alone book by the very talented Adam Croft.

Grace is just putting her life back together after being jilted by Matt shortly before their wedding. Helping her friend Cath organise her wedding is reopening old wounds but Grace is determined to move on.

Tom is also looking for the perfect partner but he has very strict criteria his woman needs fit an image. Grace fits in every way.

Using a dating app Grace is filtering for possible partners when she connects with Tom. He seems perfect. Ticks a lot of the boxes so he goes into the possible box and she starts to find out more about him. He appears to be heaven sent. Could it be that Grace has found the perfect match and life from here on in will be happy ever after? If it looks too good to be true…….

So they message, they talk, they meet…. They are perfect together but then things start going wrong for Grace. She falls out with her parents, argues with her friend, commits professional misconduct at work…. Tom is there for her supporting, helping, advising….

Grace is very insecure, understandably after being so badly hurt, but she is a gentle, compassionate person who enjoyed a close relationship with family and friends and an honest relationship with her boss. She is, however, easily manipulated and that works to Tom’s advantage.

Tom is the typical controlling male. Determined to mould Grace into the perfect girlfriend, grateful to him, dependant on him and alienated from everyone else she can replace his loss and he is determined to make that happen.

This was a very compelling read as I expect from Adam Croft and I really enjoyed it.

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