#BookReview – IN PLAIN SIGHT (Knight & Culverhouse Book 9) by Adam Croft #crimefiction #newrelease @adamcroft

Today I would like to share my review of this latest addition to the Knight and Culverhouse series by the brilliant Adam Croft.
IN PLAIN SIGHT Knight and Culverhouse #9 by Adam Croft Available from Amazon
A trail of death. A web of corruption. The ultimate betrayal. A series of armed robberies on local petrol stations leaves Mildenheath CID chasing their tails. But things are about to get a whole lot worse. When an elderly woman is killed during an armed raid on her jewellery shop, Knight and Culverhouse realise one of their own is involved — a police officer. With the future of Mildenheath CID at stake and the lives of their loved ones under threat, time is running out — fast. As they begin to investigate the web of corruption, they discover just how deep it runs — and how close to home. But are they prepared for the truth?

My Review

This is book 9 in the Knight and Culverhouse series.  Although I have read and loved many of Adam Croft’s books this is the first one in this series I have read so I can confirm it works perfectly as stand-alone. All is well in Mildenheath it is just a normal night until a BMW rolls up and robs a Petrol station.  As the police are called to the scene another is raided and then a third.  All are owned by the same man.  When a woman dies in a raid on a Jewellers shop it becomes clear that the robbers have inside information.  Knight and Culverhouse start investigating but they uncover more than they bargained for. Culverhouse is a plain speaking man he tells it how it is which adds a bit of humour.  Currently he is fighting to keep his team in Mildenheath while the big bosses want it incorporating into the main city team.  Under pressure to get results Culverhouse could do without the personal problems as he tries to juggle his job with building a relationship with his estranged teenage daughter.  As the investigation progresses the clues point towards a criminal that Culverhouse has been trying, and failing, to convict for many years which raises the question ‘who is feeding him info to enable him to stay 1 step ahead?’ Knight is his colleague and is the voice of reason to offset Culverhouse’s tendency to act first and think later.  She also has personal stuff going on. This is a very gripping book I found myself reading ‘just one more chapter’.  I loved how we got involved in the nitty gritty of detective work and also saw the personal side to the characters.  It all make for a very enjoyable read and I am looking forward to more from this author. Many thanks to the author, Adam Croft for the advance digital copy of this book.  This is my unbiased review.

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