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Firstly, a big thank you to Joyce Schneider for the advance copy of this brilliant, adrenaline pumping thriller that had me turning page after page all the way to the end. I am thrilled to share with you my review. These are my own, unbiased thoughts and opinions.

Into the DarkInto the Dark by J.A. Schneider

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A perfect marriage deteriorates as a woman starts to fear that her husband is a killer…

Annie and Ben seem to have a perfect marriage. He’s a dedicated psychiatrist; she is a passionate art history professor. Then, for Annie, the nightmares start…and fears that she may or may not be witnessing scenes of women getting abused. Is she somehow connecting her fears to the suicide of Ben’s first wife, Susannah?

Increasingly obsessed with discovering what really happened, Annie finds homicide detective Connor Payne, who has never let go of the case. Tensions at home explode into cat-and-mouse terror, with Annie desperately, secretly, trying to investigate…

Advance praise for Into the Dark:

“It starts with creeping menace; then at every twist and turn you feel Annie’s fear and self-doubt, her deepening dread, and worst of all, her terror of losing both her little daughter and her mind. Sensational and shocking -10 stars!” Alice Liddell

“Absolutely brilliant! I LOVE this author and this book was just wow! Gripping from the very first page to the jaw dropping climax, this story burrows into you and doesn’t let go until you’ve turned the last page but even then you’re thinking about it. I will remember this story for a very long time. Memorable characters, real and believable, the story all the more thrilling because of it. Unforgettable. One of my top reads this year.” Renita D’Silva

“A great psycho-thriller. The intensity starts on page one. The paranoia and fear build like a runaway train. A book like this will transition easily from print to film. Breathtaking. Highly recommended.” Goodreads

My Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ben lost his first wife, Suzanna, to suicide leaving him with a traumatised teenager, Colin. He later meets Annie and they marry when she becomes pregnant.  They continue to live in Ben’s marital home and Annie has nightmares around the time of Suzanna’s suicide.  Struggling with sleep depravation and haunted by nightmares Annie decides to find out more about how Suzanna was driven to suicide.

Ben is a controlling husband and hates interference.  Annie underestimates the lengths Ben will go to to maintain control and as she delves further into the circumstances surrounding the suicide alarm bells start to ring in her head.  How far will Ben go to keep the skeletons in the closet and ensure he has full control of Annie?

I do love a psychological thriller and this is up there with the best I have read.  I previously read Shoeless Child which was an awesome read so I was expecting great things and I wasn’t disappointed.  The author grabs the reader from the beginning and from there you are chained to the roller coaster so sit back for an adrenaline pumping read full of twists and turn all the way to the jaw dropping conclusion.

The characters are a mix of ones you love and ones you hate and make for a complex network of characters that bring so much to the story.  I love Pia most of all.  She takes a smaller role but is the voice of reason in Annie’s confused mind.  She is a strong personality that Ben considers a threat which adds to the suspense.  Annie lacks confidence and her small daughter is the priority in her life and she will do anything to protect her.  Ben I didn’t like but I think that was the intention.  He is a manipulative bully and the evilness inside is there for all to see.  A good mix of complex characters that gain depth throughout the story.

This is a brilliant read that will appeal to all readers of crime fiction.

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  1. Thanks so much for your beautiful review, Jill!! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it!! xx

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