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Stalker on the Fens (DI Nikki Galena, #5)Stalker on the Fens (Nikki Galena #5) 

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DI Nikki Galena’s close friend Helen Brook is involved in a serious accident where she is trapped in a collapsed cellar. After her hard-won recovery, Helen is still getting flashbacks to a man she says was down there with her and who confessed to a murder. But no trace of this man can be found.

Then Helen tells Nikki that someone is watching her. But is all this in her friend’s imagination and part of her post-traumatic stress?

And why is Stephen Cox back in town? He’s the villain who tore Nikki’s life apart and he seems to have returned to wreak more chaos. Before long the whole town is on the verge of hysteria and her friend’s fear will lead Nikki and Joseph on a very dangerous trail.

Full of twists and turns, this is a crime thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the heart-stopping conclusion.

THE DETECTIVE DI Nikki Galena: A police detective with nothing left to lose, she’s seen a girl die in her arms and her own family destroyed. She’s tough on the criminals who she thinks did this to her.

HER PARTNER DS Joseph Easter is the squeaky-clean new member of the team. But his nickname “Holy Joe” belies his former life as a soldier. He has an estranged daughter who blames him for everything that went wrong with their family.

THE SETTING The Lincolnshire Fens: great open skies brood over marshes, farmland, and nature reserves. It is not easy terrain for the Fenland Constabulary to police, due to the distances between some of the remote Fen villages, the dangerous and often misty lanes, and the poor telephone coverage. There are still villages where the oldest residents have never set foot outside their own farmland and a visit to the nearest town is a major event. But it has a strange airy beauty to it, and above it all are the biggest skies you’ve ever seen.

My Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book 5 in the ‘Fens’ series by Joy Ellis and I was really looking forward to another book starring the awesome character of Nikki Galena. I wasn’t disappointed this is another roller coaster of a thriller that has the adrenaline pumping from the very first page.

A crash brings an unsafe building crashing to the ground. Many are trapped and injured including Helen Brook. She is pulled out of the rubble barely alive with extensive injuries. Luckily she survives but with PTSD. With the compensation she turns her home into a treatment centre offering alternative care.

Everybody loves Helen but someone is watching her. Problem is everyone thinks it is her PTSD that is making her paranoid. But is it?

A nemesis from Nikki and Joseph’s past returns to the area. Stephen Cox is evilness personified and the Police are determined to take him out of circulation as is the Godfather of the Carbrook estate.

The team is overstretched and understaffed in particular Nikki and as they try to juggle themselves to be in more than one place at once the potential for someone to be harmed reaches dangerous levels.

An absolute belter of a read that I couldn’t put down. I love this series each book we find there is more to learn about the characters as they gain depth and I get more invested in the series.

Brilliant read.

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