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I was made aware of this debut novella via Facebook and read it in one sitting it is a brilliant read. Although Horror genre I think it will also appeal to readers of Crime Fiction.

Game of SoulsGame of Souls by C.L Peache

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Scary Christmas Novella. Would you confess your worst sin to save your Soul? What about your friend’s Souls? Eight friends gather for their Christmas party, a fun night of Secret Santa, excellent food, and plenty of drinks. Only, the evening does not go as planned… The book has been opened, and the game has begun… A terrifying night of confessions, secrets and lies. Will they all make it out alive? *this Novella does contain some bad language

My Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a debut novella in the Horror genre from a fledgling author with obvious potential.

Bea has bought and renovated a cottage and is hosting a Christmas come housewarming party with a group of friends. Everything is ready and Bea is snuggled up on the sofa waiting for them to arrive when a knock on the door sets in motion something that will affect all of them forever.

Usually with a novella we don’t get much insight into the characters but this, although short, describes the characters very well so we get to know them through the story.

It is a brilliant, adrenaline pumping read full of twists and turns with superstition interwoven along with secrets. What dark secrets is each of them hiding?

A fast paced read full of surprises and shocks all the way to the unexpected ending. Fantastic debut from an author we will be hearing more of I am sure. 5 stars from me.

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