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THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all the brilliant Bloggers on the Blog Tour for I THOUGHT I KNEW YOU by Meg Buchanan. You guys rock! Your help is very much appreciated.


Black Books Blog

This is a nice quick book to read as it is only just over 150 pages long, but a lot happens in it to keep you entertained and to hold your attention.  Read more here

By the Letter Book Reviews

#Guestpost Rationale

Joanna Larum’s Reviews

This author writes very well and it’s so easy to keep turning the pages. I love the way she introduces her characters and their conversations are real and believable. This is definitely worth reading! Read more here

Beth in a Box

Meg Buchanan’s I Thought I Knew You was a great change to my usual reads and I hope to read more of her books soon.  Read more here


Well, to be honest, this book created some strong feelings in me. As a person who has been cheated on by an ex fiance, I was triggered by reading the infidelities of the hero. I was heart broken for Tessa and wanted to kick Luke ass!  Read more here

Ginger Book Geek

In short, I would definitely say that I really enjoyed ‘I Thought I Knew You’ and I would definitely recommend it to other readers.  As I am a bit OCD, I fully intend to get the other books in the series and read the series in order.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a well deserved 4* out of 5*.  Read more here

Big Family Organised Chaos

A very easy read that certainly stirs up some emotions!  Read more here

Turn the Page

Kirsty Through the Looking Glass

My Review

I Thought I Knew You coverI Thought I Knew You (Prelude Series – Part Four) by Meg Buchanan

Available from AMAZON

Luke Reilly’s whole life is mapped out. His father wants him to work in the family business. Tessa wants him to marry her. But he has already broken out of the straight jacket they’ve put him in. And he’s about to get found out.

Can he mend what he’s broken?

Does he want to?

Will he leave and chase the dream, or stay and do what everyone expects?

Author photoAuthor Profile

I live in Paeroa, a small town in New Zealand, with my husband and a black labrador. Most of my books are set in my home town, simply because it has a rich history, and the streets already have names, so do the rivers and the mountain nearby, and the neighbouring towns also have names, so I save time on world building.
I have been writing for seven years. Before that I was a teacher, then a kitchen designer, and for a year, the creator of resources for drug education. But now writing is what I do.

I love creating books about ordinary people doing interesting things. The characters in my story are just a little better looking and more charismatic than in real life, but they think and feel like normal people.

My books cover many genre, action adventure, scifi, historical fiction, and romance. Up until now you won’t find a vampire or werewolf in any them, but in the future, that can’t be completely ruled out.

I wrote Scavenger Hunt to enter it in a national competition, just to see if I could write. It won the competition and really it has all gone on from there.

Facebook –
Twitter – @MegBuchanan80

  1. Thanks to everyone for the great reviews. Poor Luke. He does redeem himself in the next book he features in. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on I thought I Knew You. Meg.

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