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Day 9 of the Joffe Books Rolling Blog and in the spotlight today is Daisy White, author of the gripping Ruby Baker series.  The first 2 books in the series are available with book 3 on the way.  As always I will start with Daisy’s thoughts of working with Joffe Books.

As any author knows, it is tough finding the right publisher (or even finding any publisher!), for your work. In recent years, it seems to have become easier to submit direct to publishers, and I was thrilled to find Joffe Books on an internet search. I had finished the first book in the Ruby Baker Mysteries, and it had been long-listed in a major competition, so I was busy submitting to my shortlist of publishers. There is always the massive worry, having spent ages writing, polishing, and polishing again, that nobody will actually want to publish your book! Having been very involved in championing independent business several years ago (which included a trip to Downing Street to speak on the subject), I was keen to find a publisher with ‘indie’ credentials. Incredibly, Joffe Books, top of my list, responded within a week with a charming phone call, which was followed by an email from another publisher who also wanted the book. 
I spent a few days researching further, and went with my gut instinct. Luckily it was the right decision, and I am so delighted to have found a publishing ‘home’ where the team work just as hard as the authors on every part of the process. Marketing is a huge part of any writing success, and whilst authors must play their part (and we do!), it is also important that the publisher is busy advertising, and marketing. Since joining Joffe Books I have made some wonderful writing and reading friends, and their support is invaluable. I am currently working on the third Ruby Baker book, which will be delivered in July. Kudos to Joffe Books for taking a leap, and creating an interesting, diverse and extremely successful publishing family. 
Many of us have written around day jobs and family commitments for years. Some self-published, some have worked with other publishers, but we are now all part of #TeamJoffeBooks! Thanks to the hard work of Jasper, and his amazing team of bloggers, editors and everyone who contributes to the successful publication of our books.    

Daisy White

The Ruby Baker Series

BEFORE I LEFT a gripping mystery full of killer twists by [WHITE, DAISY]Before I Left (Ruby Baker #1)

Available from: Amazon UK  Amazon US  Amazon Australia Amazon Canada


Nineteen-year-old runaway Ruby Baker and pregnant best friend Mary escape domestic violence in London to find a new home in Brighton. They join a glitzy set of party girls who are hell-bent on enjoying themselves in the new freedom of the 1960s.

But their new life soon comes under threat. Ruby keeps spotting a tall stranger in the shadows. Someone is watching her. This man may have followed them from London. And Ruby fears her dark secret will be exposed.

Then a murder at a local beauty spot brings more danger for the party-loving set, and the first murder is followed by a second. Rumours of occult sacrifices spread across town.

In a breaktaking conclusion, Ruby faces a race against time to save someone very close to her. Can she keep her secrets from being exposed and her new life from being destroyed?

BEFORE I FOUND YOU a gripping mystery full of killer twists by [WHITE, DAISY]Before I Found You (Ruby Baker #2)

Available from: Amazon UK  Amazon US  Amazon Australia  Amazon Canada

Do you love gripping mysteries? Then discover Ruby Baker, a young woman with a talent for uncovering the truth.

A child found alone on the beach, shouting into the waves.

A mother who served ten years for a crime she says she didn’t commit.

Ruby Baker is back with another seaside mystery. When she and her friends rescue a child from the beach in a storm, police are baffled. Nobody has reported a child missing, and the girl seems so traumatised that she is unable to speak.

In Johnny’s hairdressing salon, the notorious Beverly Collins makes an appointment with Ruby, but it soon becomes clear the woman wants more than a haircut.

Beverly has just been released from Holloway Prison after serving ten years for child cruelty. The body of her missing daughter was never found, but Beverly insists she is innocent, and she wants Ruby Baker’s Investigation Bureau to prove it.

This isn’t going to be an easy investigation. Opinion is divided on Beverly’s innocence. Reporters Kenny and James are keen to uncover a big story, while Ruby’s best friend, Mary, is distracted and struggling to deal with motherhood.

As Ruby tries to unravel the past, she discovers that Beverly Collins’ release seems to have triggered a bizarre chain of events.

Was she really framed, and if so, where is her daughter Ella now? And who is the mystery girl on the beach?

Daisy White author photo.jpgDaisy White – Author Bio

Hi I’m Daisy White – mum, entrepreneur, and writer. I started off self-publishing, then signed YA series to two fabulous US publishers.

I’ve always wanted to write crime but none of my initial manuscripts were anywhere near good enough to show the world!

In 2016 I rewrote an earlier idea and entered it into the UK International Novel Writing Competition. It was long-listed and that gave me the confidence I needed to submit to publishers.

My second novel for Joffe Books, and book two in the Ruby Baker Seaside Mysteries, ‘Before I Found You’, was published in Feb 2018 and became an immediate Amazon bestseller. Book three is already in progress.

My first story for younger children will be published in an anthology for Patchwork Raven later this year. I’m also finishing off a standalone thriller, which I’m really excited about!

Writing is an obsession, and a passion, and I am extremely lucky to have been able to develop my dream into a business. I enjoy sharing my journey, and the knowledge I have gained along the way. I also love to meet other writers, readers and business owners.


Twitter: @DaisyWhite1922


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