BOOK REVIEWS: The Mechanic Trilogy by Rob Ashman

I am super excited that Bloodhound Books have released this brilliant trilogy as a box set. This trilogy was on my ‘Picks of 2017’ list. All 3 books are absolutely brilliant and you can now purchase the Box Set for £3.49/$4.74 (FREE on KU)
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Those That Remain

In Your Name

Pay The Penance


Lucas is coasting towards retirement in a mundane Florida police precinct when a brutal serial killer, codenamed Mechanic, lands on his patch. Three years ago, they thought Mechanic was dead. But Mechanic is very much alive and no family is safe from the savage, ritualistic murders that the sadistic killer is compelled to commit.Mechanic is always one step ahead and Lucas is forced to operate outside of the law. But who can he trust and who is Mechanic?

Soon Lucas will learn that the truth is more terrifying than he could ever imagine and in order to find the answers he needs, he might have to put his life on the line…


Police detective Lucas has become consumed with tracking down the deranged killer, known as Mechanic, and bringing the murderer to justice. Nothing else matters, not even his wife. His marriage is falling apart.

Mechanic has not killed for eight months and the trail has gone cold, then Lucas receives a terrifying letter. In a desperate bid to reignite the case, he tries to convince his boss to mount an operation in Baton Rouge where the letter was posted.

But was the letter really sent by Mechanic?

Not knowing where to turn, with his marriage in turmoil and his career on the rocks, Lucas begins to spiral out of control and when Mechanic meets the head of a drug smuggling cartel the situation takes a grave turn.

Meanwhile, a bizarre set of murders are taking place in Vegas and Detective Rebecca Moran is put on the case. She will stop at nothing to make a name for herself.

Is there a link between the murders and Mechanic?

Can Lucas apprehend the killer this time or will Mechanic remain one step ahead?


Murder. Corruption. Revenge.

Lucas has been tracking a killer, known as Mechanic, when his world is shattered. Unable to continue his hunt for the murderer he is forced to rely on his friend and colleague Dick Harper. But Harper has a knack for not playing by the rules. And he doesn’t disappoint.

Meanwhile Detective Moran is trying to piece her life back together. The police stumble upon new evidence without grasping its significance and she must divert the investigation if she is to survive.

The police are closer to Mechanic than they realise which puts Moran right in the firing line.

Mechanic, as usual, has other plans and the consequences for Lucas and Harper are terrifying…

The Mechanic books are fast-paced, gripping serial killer thrillers. They will appeal to fans of authors like Ed James, Michael Connelly and Mark Edwards.


My Reviews

Those that Remain

The book begins on Wednesday 23rd March 1983 (present day) with Lucas returning to work after a lengthy absence.  We are then taken back 8 months to tell the story.

This is a very gripping psychological thriller that has the reader turning page after page.  It has a lot going on with all the elements that make a good thriller included and interwoven into one incredibly brilliant story.

Lucas is a unique character we meet him first on his return to work and immediately get the impression that this is a grumpy bad tempered man.  As we move through the story the character develops into a likeable Lieutenant who is determined to bring the bad guys to justice.  He has a strange marriage that brings a little humour to the book.

Among the other characters we have Bassano who is a womaniser used to getting his catch but gets thwarted when he sets his sights on Jo and Harper, who was lead on the initial Mechanic case but is now retired and often drunk.

Harper is a strange one he has buried his woes in a bottle for so long but a past memory causes him to rethink his life.  He plays a significant part in the story although he has a minor role.

The story moves along at a fast pace as Lucas and his team travel down dead end after dead end trying to stop a sadistic sociopath before any more families are destroyed.  There are twists, turns and several curve balls as we join Lucas in his 8 month journey to the present day.


In Your Name

This book picks up where book 1 ended (and began) where Lucas has returned to work after a lengthy period of rehabilitation following events in book 1.  He is feeling very fragile and disillusioned and the situation is not helped by Brassano severing all ties with him.

It is very difficult to review this book without spoiling either book 1 or this book for the readers so I will say little about the actual story.  The book moves along very quickly and, as I have come to expect from Rob Ashman, there is a LOT going on and the suspense builds throughout the book with many twists and turns along the way.  Expect the unexpected and be prepared for any outcome this is a psychological thriller at its best.

Lucas teams up to make a formidable threesome ready to take down the mechanic and anyone else that gets in the way.  Will he succeed? And if he does what will be the price?

Complex characters that continue to develop and all are realistic with unique personalities and a human quality that some authors miss.

An awesome read.


Pay the Penance

The book is fast paced and totally gripping so I would suggest you don’t start reading until you have a fair bit of time as you won’t be able to put it down.  Murder, corruption, blackmail, drugs and a little humour make this one of the most gripping books/series I have read in a while.

After the death of a friend and spouse Lucas is out for revenge and Harper is

happy to tag along.  However, Mechanic is also out for revenge and wants Lucas and Harper to ‘pay the penance’ for their actions in previous books.

Mechanic is a sadistic murderer and we get to know the character even more deeply in this book and we also learn more about the history and background that created the monster that Mechanic has become.

Lucas and Harper are both on a mission to put an end to Mechanic whatever the cost and they both know the cost will be high.  Moran has also been dragged into the web of violence and corruption that surrounds the case and she finds herself caught up in the middle of a war that will probably cost her her career at the very least.  But like her 2 partners in crime she is unable to walk away so joins the 2 men in the hunt.

Despite the violence there is a hint of humour in the background that I absolutely love and it makes this book unique.  It is, without doubt, a jaw droppingly brilliant series and I am looking forward to more from Rob Ashman.


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