Kendra Elliott: A Merciful Truth

a merciful truthBook Description
Raised by a family of survivalists, FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick can take on any challenge—even the hostile reception to her homecoming. But she’s not the only one causing chaos in the rural community of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon. At first believed to be teenage pranks, a series of fires takes a deadly turn with the murder of two sheriff’s deputies. Now, along with Police Chief Truman Daly, Mercy is on the hunt for an arsonist turned killer.

Still shunned by her family and members of the community, Mercy must keep her ear close to the ground to pick up any leads. And it’s not long before she hears rumors of the area’s growing antigovernment militia movement. If the arsonist is among their ranks, Mercy is determined to smoke the culprit out. But when her investigation uncovers a shocking secret, will this hunt for a madman turn into her own trial by fire?

My Review

My rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

This is book 2 in the Mercy Kilpatrick series.  I have read all Kendra’s books and love every one so was looking forward to reading this one.

The story begins with a derelict buildings being set on fire and the Eagle’s nest police department struggling to find a link between them.  When 2 deputies are killed attending one of the fires the FBI become involved.

Mercy Kilpatrick was estranged from her family for 15 years before returning to the area in the last book.  She becomes involved with the Chief of Police, Trueman but with both having baggage will they ever untangle themselves enough to create a successful relationship.

Mercy is a very complex character who has developed gradually from the beginning of book one.  She comes from a  prepper background and this makes her not only fiercely independent but also self sufficient she relies only on herself and is of the opinion that she can fight the world single handed.  This makes her inclined to be a little reckless with her own safety but now she has Kaylie to care for she is having to rethink how she lives her life.

Trueman is suffering from post traumatic stress and blames himself for not being able to save the lives of the deputies. He is very protective of Mercy which doesn’t always go down too well.

Kaylie comes into this book more her dad, Mercy’s brother, died in book 1 and Mercy took the teenager under her wing.  Kaylie is a little insecure but she is a compassionate character that you have to love.

All in all the book is very good it is an unusual story that keeps the reader turning the pages.  I found it a little slow going and too descriptive in places which lost it a few points but I will definitely be reading more from this author.

Thank you to Netgalley who provided me with a free copy of this book.

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