London Large: Bound by Blood by G & R Robson

London Large - Bound by Blood (Detective Hawkins #2)London Large – Bound by Blood by Roy Robson

About the Book

A gritty gangster thriller

When pop superstar Bazza Wishbone is murdered in the dead of night at a top London hotel, the whole world looks on in horror. Inspector Harry ‘H’ Hawkins, only just back at work after a mental and physical breakdown, investigates the crime in the only way he knows how; he embarks on a full-blooded search for the truth.

But the truth can be brutal

As the murder investigation gathers pace H discovers his own son has been sucked into the dark world of organised crime.

A traumatized young man; and a traumatized father

H’s hard-boiled instinct is to fight, to protect the things he loves. But when his son becomes his enemy his world view is shattered.

How can son be turned against father?

H’s gripping mission is no longer a search for a killer; but a quest to save his boy, and exact a terrible vengeance against the man who has corrupted him. And his search is a search for a deeper truth, a truth that will stretch family loyalty – and the love of a father for his son – to its very limits.

Blood Is Thicker than Water…Or Is It?


My Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For anyone who hasn’t read the 1st book in the series, Blood on the Streets, I would recommend that you read it before you start this one.

This book picks up pretty much where the first book ended. Harry Hawkins aka H is a formidable character with a reputation for finding and removing from society the villains, gangs and drug lords that plague the streets of London. He works by his own rules and is never short of colleagues to follow where crime takes him.

In book 1 Albanian and Russian gangs were at war and the wife of H’s closest friend is murdered which for H made it personal he escaped with his life but mentally battered and bruised with colleagues getting caught up in the violence and his son and friend in prison.

We start this book with H eager to return to work but very fragile and still under the care of a psychiatrist. Keeping H behind a desk was never going to work and he is soon running the show with Ames and Graham puppets on the end of his strings.

When it becomes clear that seemingly separate cases are linked and Ronnie,H’s son, is groomed by Dragusha to be his warrior it all gets violent and H as papa bear with an axe to grind becomes unstable and goes rogue the reader is dragged along for one hell of a bumpy ride

Thank you to Roy and Gary who provided me with a free copy of this book.

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About the Authors

authors photoRoy and Garry Robson are, unsurprisingly, brothers from the Elephant and Castle, south east London.

Their father (variously a pig farmer, cab driver, haulage contractor and general ducker and diver) and mother (homemaker, cook and doctor’s receptionist with a well timed left hook) raised them and their siblings with some old fashioned south London working class values. These included hard work, respect for their elders and a willingness to duck and dive when required.

They have endeavoured, with varying degrees of success, to maintain the values their parents tried to instill in them. One day, whilst enjoying a beer or two, they decided to write a Crime Thriller Series. They awoke the next day and were surprised to discover that they meant it.

Roy lives in Bromley and works as a Service Delivery Manager for an International IT Consultancy. Garry lives in Krakow and is now, of all things, a sociology professor. Both career choices served as a source of confusion and humour to their parents, who were born and raised in the days before computers and sociology professors existed.

Although Harry ‘H’ Hawkins, the protagonist of the London Large novels, shares some of their old fashioned values, he is based upon neither Garry or Roy, neither of whom would survive the first chapter of a Harry Hawkins novel.

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