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Eye Strain (Jaxon Jennings, #5)Eye Strain by Richard C. Hale

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I love the Jaxon Jennings series by Richard C Hale and this, latest, book didn’t disappoint. The book begins with Jaxon and Vick taking a much needed holiday, away from work and an energetic 2 year old, on a paradise island. They arrive soon after the first murder victim is found and the holiday is ended before it began as their friend is suspected of the murder.

This book has so much going on with explosions, dead bodies and events from the past rearing their ugly heads.

Jaxon’s character has been successfully built in previous books and I like the way that Richard has written this book in a way that it can be read very successfully as a stand alone but is still the latest book in the series for those of us that have read the earlier books. Jaxon is a ex policeman who is now a PI helped by Ray who is also a Policeman. Their partners, who make up this foursome, are FBI agents. The 4 people make for a very effective investigative team with contacts and access to information to enable this.

The events on the Island bring them into the sights of the local Policeman who is a very unique frenchman who develops a very unusual relationship with Jaxon and his friends.

The story centres around Max who was badly injured in a car accident and was saved by Ray and Laurelyn who happened to be in the right place at the right time. He loses his memory and rebuilds a new life but people want him to return to his previous life and will stop at nothing to get him back or eliminate him.

There is a spy and secrecy element to this story which adds to the suspense that starts on page 1 and builds throughout the book.

A book that grabs the reader from the beginning and doesn’t let go. I eagerly await the next book.

I won a free copy of this book in the Launch Promotion competitions.

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