My Top 15 Books Read in 2016

Below are the top 15 books that I read in 2016.  These are the top 15 of the full length (>250 pages) books published in 2016 and are in descending order of date read I haven’t/couldn’t rank them as they were all excellent.  I read many more that were just as good but I had to use some strict criteria to filter 200 books down to 15.  All these books I have reviewed on Goodreads and I have put links to my Goodreads reviews for each book below the list.


The Gift: Louise Jensen

His Kidnapper’s Shoes: Maggie James

Blood Lines: Angela Marsons

All the Dead Girls: Rita Herron

Play Dead: Angela Marsons

In the Barren Ground: Loreth Anne White

Brick: Conrad Jones

Death Deserved: L J Sellers

Mirror Mirror: Nick Louth

Targeted: L J Sellers

Seconds to Live: Melinda Leigh

Don;t Say a Word: Jennifer Jaynes

All the Pretty Faces: Rita Herron

Known: Kendra Elliott

Point of Control: L J Sellers





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