Richard C Hale: Sins of the Daughters

Sins of the Daughters (A Jaxon Jennings Detective Mystery Thriller Series Book 4)Sins of the Daughters by Richard C Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the latest book in the Jaxon Jennings series by Richard C Hale.

I love Jaxon I feel I have got to know him very well throughout the series.  It seems to be a while since I read the last book in this series but I soon caught up so I think it will work well as a stand alone.

There is a lot of career movement with the characters.  Jaxon was a police detective but is now a PI and Ray was a PI and is now a police officer. Laurelyn is FBI.  All these characters come together to catch 2 killers.  There is also Charlie but I am not sure what he brings to the story.  These are 2 totally separate cases with the common denominator being Jaxon who finds himself and his family under attack.

It is a very good story that keeps the reader turning page after page as Laurelyn, Ray and Jaxon chase a released serial killer and Jaxon chases the one that got away as well as trying to find out who threatened his family.

Although very mixed up in places it is a good book but loses points because, for me, there are too many steamy sex scenes that, to me, were unnecessary and parts were irrelevant.  My actual score is 4.2 rounded down to 4 stars.

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