Adam Nicholls: Blood Sport

Blood Sport (Mason Black Book 5)Blood Sport by Adam Nicholls

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The author, Adam Nicholls, made it clear that this is the last book in the Mason Black series so it was with a slightly heavy heart that I started reading as I love the Mason Black books. However, in my head I knew Adam was right this had to have a conclusion.

Mason started life as a Detective then he left for personal reasons and became I PI but was persuaded to return to SFPD. Mason is a complicated character who cares very much for people and in particular his family so much so that he has a tendancy to go vigilante if he feels the official channels will not achieve the right kind of justice.

His partner in crime (and work) is Bill who lost a child to the Lullaby Killer and therefore is inclined to back Mason up where required and totally understands the need to protect family at any cost.

This book sees Mason in a relatively new but steady relationship with Diane who is expecting their child. The book begins with Diane being stabbed by Anarchy with life threatening injuries. This has the desired effect in winding Mason up to the extent that he sets off to find and stop the killer once and for all.

The book is totally gripping if I had had the time I would have read this in one sitting but as it was I had to work but finished it in a day. Absolutely brilliant there were one or 2 events I would have preferred to go a different way but in my head I feel that Adam got it perfectly right as it is.

I am very sad to think I will not be reading any further Mason Black books but I am also loving the spin off series starring Mason’s sister Evie so maybe we will be kept up to date with how Mason is doing.

A must read for Thriller lovers this is an Author I am hoping will continue releasing books for many years to come.

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