Adam Nicholls: Ruin

Ruin (Mason Black #3)Ruin by Adam Nicholls

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the 3rd book in the Mason Black series (which is also available as a 3 book set) and sees Mason struggling with personal relationships following his actions in the first book.
As well as trying to repair some of the damage he caused Mason is also asked to help find kidnap victims which escalates into another psychopathic killer trying to get to him. The police department ask for his help and he is offered his old job back which leaves him trying to juggle many major decisions at the same time as trying to prevent any more people getting hurt or murdered.

The book is gripping I found it very difficult to put down and the characters are developing with each book.

I love this series and am hoping for many more in the Mason Black series.

Book 1 in a spin off series featuring Mason’s sister, Evie, has just been released and there is also a novella named The Chase which introduces new characters I think we will be meeting in future books

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