L J Sellers: The Gauntlet Assassin

The Gauntlet AssassinThe Gauntlet Assassin by L.J. Sellers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another excellent book by LJ Sellers. This book sees the reappearance of Lara Evans with Jackson and his colleagues making a small appearance.

This book is set in the future and I normally wouldn’t have read it as futuristic/sci fi are not my thing but it written by one of my favorite authors and I have surprised myself by reading and enjoying the Agent Dallas books (plus it is the only one I hadn’t read).

Lara was introduced in the Jackson series and is a very unusual character that you have to love. She has passion and total determination to get the bad guys. I was a bit disappointed to read about events that had brought her to her current situation.

The book is centered around the Gauntlet game and a main character who is vulnerable and is manipulated both by a devious female and the effects of weight loss medication until he becomes a totally different person doing things he wouldn’t normally do.

This book is very unusual but could very easily be a true story. It is totally gripping with many twists and turns. Well worth the 5 stars.

Keep writing LJ Sellers I am totally addicted to your work.

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