Loreth Anne White: In the Barren Ground

In the Barren GroundIn the Barren Ground by Loreth Anne White

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loreth is an excellent Author and this is a well written gripping book.

I first found the Author via A Dark Lure and having loved that book I have read the other thrillers. I was a bit concerned about this one at the beginning because it had all the signs of being a horror novel but I persevered and I am glad I did because it turned out to be an excellent read that was totally gripping with many twists and turns and the murderer turning out to be a complete curve ball. I read a lot of thrillers and I am usually able to put together the pieces as I go but this one was very complex and could have gone in many directions which all added to the suspense. As I have found from Loreth there isnt always a happy ending which makes them all the more realistic.

The author managed to describe the terrain, weather and culture of the area without boring the reader with sections of descriptive text and the characters built gradually into well developed people that I felt I had got to know.

Highly recommended to Thriller readers I will be reading more by this author.

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