John Day: Girl on a String

Girl on a string (D.S. Penny Britain series Book 2)Girl on a string by John Day

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the most recent book by John Day and I have read and loved his entire backlist.

For anyone who likes reading Thrillers I would say this: John has a completely unique way of writing and developing stories and the stories in themselves are like nothing I have ever read before. If you are prepared to think outside the box and read and digest any or all of his books you will either love or hate them I can see where they might not be for everyone but personally I absolutely love them and cant wait for the next book.

Penny is a very unique character with a strange way of getting results which often leaves her at logger heads with her colleagues. This really ‘makes’ the books in book one I was a bit unsure of the how realistic the character was but now I am really getting to know and love her. She is not a social person which makes her success in the Police even more amazing.

The stories are fast paced and gripping and you just keep turning the pages. This book sees the cat, Holly making a contribution I am not a cat lover so consider these little additions unnecessary but I can see where they would appeal to the majority of readers.

I especially like the way John transitions from one book to the next picking up where the previous book left off and managing to ensure the books are stand alone but not boring the readers who have read the previous books with constant repetitions of events.

I do have one minor gripe about these books and that is the format. The chapters run on one after the other rather than starting on a new page and I, personally, think this makes the books look unprofessional and I find them strange reading, however I am getting used to it so I haven’t regarded this as a negative.

I thought the ending came as a bit of a surprise leaving some unanswered questions but I am sure this is part of a bigger plan that John has for the series.

On the whole this is one of the best books I have read this year and I am looking forward to the next book.

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