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Books ‘n’ All Promotions

Hi, my name is Jill Burkinshaw. For many years I have read, reviewed and promoted books.  I have a large contact base and I am well known among the readers and bloggers across all Social Media Platforms

I have been working freelance for several years now.  I work with Publishers and some self-published authors on an ongoing basis.  Below is a guide to what I can offer but I am happy to consider any work that may be required, and the prices are all negotiable.  I work mainly with Crime Fiction, but I have been successful in promoting other genres too.

If you are interested in any of the services below or would like more information my contact details are below or you can fill in this contact form:

Contact details:



Twitter: @books_n_all


Blog Tours

Blog Tour: £45 for 7-10 stops

I have been arranging and running Blog Tours for Joffe Books afor some time now (and several Self-Published Authors) and we have had some amazing results, with a positive impact on sales.  I can offer Blog Tours for new releases and also relaunch Blog Tours which is a Blog Tour for a book that has dropped into the archives to revitalise it.  Sometimes, especially during busy periods, it can be difficult to fill the tours with review stops some of these stops could be guest posts. I like to offer a minimum of 7 review stops and if the 7 reviews are not achieved I will reduce the price accordingly.

All Blog Tour posts will be shared in numerous Facebook groups, on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and Linked In and shared by numerous contacts ensuring a good coverage over all Social Media platforms for the length of the tour.  I round off the Blog Tour with a Blog Tour Wrap Up which is a thank you to the bloggers and links to each of the Blogs for the tour.  These are beneficial in giving the book a final boost,

I would need an advance copy of the book for each  Blogger on the Tour.  I would therefore recommend that if you are contracted to a publisher you check the terms of your contract permit you to give away free copies of the book.

Virtual Personal Assistant (charged at £12 per hour)

  • Managing mailing lists and Reader Clubs
  • Sending newsletters via MailChimp or Mailerlite
  • Scheduling Social Media posts
  • Creating Amazon adverts
  • Analysing Amazon adverts ROI etc
  • Promoting new books\relaunches (this is mainly blog tours although I am starting to use my blog more effectively with other promotions)
  • Beta reading and formatting for kindle publishing

I am happy to help in any way with the day to day task enabling the author to focus on what they do best: writing books.

Budget Editing, proofreading and formatting

(price dependant on length of book but approximately £125 for a 300 page book)

Although I have no qualifications in this area my background in Information Analysis means I can spot things that are often missed even by professional editors and publishers.  These ‘spots’ include plot holes and discrepancies in another etc.  I have also picked up and reported many typos in published books.  What I am offering is not a professional service but something that would be of benefit to an author who is unable to justify the costs of the professional services.


While I will do my best to promote the book, I cannot guarantee that the promotion will result in an increase in sales. The invoice is for the work undertaken in arranging the tour etc and no refund or discount will be applied for lack of sales.

All reviews are unbiased and the personal opinion of the reviewer.  If a Blogger on a Blog Tour doesn’t like the book and informs me prior to their stop I will try to convert it to a content or guest post.  However, if they choose to post a review that is not very complimentary there is little, I can do to prevent it due to the reviews being their own honest opinion.

While I do accept Blog Tour assignments for other genres my main experience and success is with Crime Fiction.