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Cold Winter SunCold Winter Sun by Tony J. Forder

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A missing man. A determined hunter. A deadly case.

When Mike Lynch is contacted by his ex-wife about the missing nephew of her new husband, he offers to help find the young man with the help of his friend Terry Cochran.

Arriving in LA to try and track down the young man, the pair are immediately torn away when the missing man’s car shows up, abandoned on the side of a deserted road in New Mexico.

When two fake police officers cross their path, Terry and Mike know there is more to the case than meets the eye, and soon they find themselves asking exactly who it is they are really looking for…

A gripping thriller you won’t want to miss.

My Review

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I do love Tony Forder’s books they never fail to deliver and tick many boxes and this one was no different.

Just another day in cold snowy Scotland for Mike when his phone rings. The display says Wendy (his daughter) but it is actually his ex wife. A Mike tries to make sense of his mixed emotions he also tries to work out what Donna wants and why she is using Wendy’s phone. His panic calms when he realises his daughter is fine but what Donna actually wants is a favour that will take him away from his comfort zone and back to the danger zone he is still recovering from.

As Mike contacts Terry the pair set off to the USA with no idea what lies ahead except a young man is missing and Mike has been handed an expenses paid trip to see his daughter.

This is a roller coaster ride of a book with danger, fraud, violence and lies all tangled up. As the pair travel to New Mexico they find themselves caught up in the middle with several groups all after the same thing – Drew and the secrets he holds.

Can the pair find Drew in time to save him?

This is an interesting read with complex characters and several killer twists that will appeal to Crime Fiction readers.

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