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Today I am very pleased to share with you my review of this wonderful story about magical goings on. Although this is not my usual genre I really enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to an reader who is looking for something a little different.

The Leven Casket

Charlie’s and Rosie’s Magical Adventures

by Joanna Larum

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In pre-historic times, all the evil in the world was imprisoned in a Casket and buried deep underground. Two families promised to provide Keepers for the Casket through the ages, to ensure that the evil didn’t escape to wreak havoc in the world. In our time, those Keepers are Charlie and Rosie and the Evil Ones are escaping! What do Charlie and Rosie have to do to prevent evil taking over the world? They are helped and occasionally hindered by a huge dragon and a beautiful Elf but someone will have to pay the price for keeping our world safe. 

My Review

Well this was a big step outside my comfort zone but it has to be done.  Every now and then I like to read something from a different genre to see if I am missing out on good books.  This one was really different and it is not something I would have read usually BUT…. I was totally hooked  by the time I was 20% into it.  Even more surprising is that this book is the first fantasy book that Joanna Larum has written so a first for us both really.

Charlie has recently lost his beloved grandparents in a car accident and his family have moved to live in their house which is next door to Rosie.  Charlie and Rosie soon become friends and life carries on until one day Charlie oversleeps and on his way to school he comes accross an old lady who needs his help.  Help is what he does and she gives him a small cube.  From then on Charlie’s life becomes very surreal as he finds himself involved in a world of magic, mystery and evilness.

I love Charlie and Rosie their innocence comes accross perfectly in the book and I think their reactions and actions are perfect for their age while allowing for something a little extra to make them even more realistic.

I found the book very interesting and engrossing and I was soon turning the pages and willing the pair on to fulfill their quest.  I like how they used their imaginations and how their different personalities balanced each other out perfectly to make for an interesting read which was an adventure through mystery and fantasy.

A really enjoyable read that will be perfect for young adults, children or anybody who likes fantasy and mysterious goings on.

Author Bio

I only went to school to learn to read. At age 6, I decided I COULD read and promptly left, by the school gate, the same gate which my mother marched me back through 10 minutes later. So I had to spend the next 12 years at school, learning lots of different things, none of which lived up to the excitement of reading. Wanting to be a writer was a natural progression, because there is nothing as exciting as inventing the story yourself. But it’s taken over 50 years before I dared to present my stories for other people to read. So, here they are! I’ll just creep behind the sofa.

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