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Day 6 and the final day of my Detective Kate Hamblin blogs and today it is Book 6: DEATH ON THE LEVELS


Death on the Levels (Kate Hamblin #5)

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An eccentric letter arrives at the police station from a man threatening to kill his aunts. Detective Kate and her colleagues don’t take it seriously.

But an elderly woman is found strangled in her home. “RIP Auntie” is written on the floor in red lipstick.
Then another older woman is murdered.

With a major police manhunt underway, it becomes clear that they are up against a very dangerous serial killer, who is engaged in some kind of personal vendetta. An adversary who will not stop until he has achieved what he set out to do. 

But as she tries to get into the mind of the perpetrator, she finds he’s something of a chameleon and always seems to be one step ahead of the police — and this is not the only problem she has to deal with. She finds herself at odds with her boss over what she perceives as a crucial link between their man and a now derelict orphanage.

And another victim will die if Kate can’t track down the killer. 

Whose aunt will pay the ultimate price next?

My Review

A letter is received from George explaining that he is going to murder his Aunts.  Is it a hoax or intention to murder?  Kate thinks the former whereas her DI thinks not.  Roscoe is soon to be proven wrong which won’t help his mood and having another woman DCI to report to, one that he had issues with in a previous case, is unlikely to help his bad mood.
It soon becomes clear that the letter is definitely not a hoax as a woman’s body is found.  Now there is the problem of finding out who George is before he finds his next victim.
This is a very gripping story filled with danger and twists and turns.  Kate has sympathy for George and I agreed with her.  This is an horrific story of the abuse of a young child who dared to be different.  Religion and closed minds result in a very damaged individual who has been shunted from one institution to another all his life all these institutions having one thing in common:  he suffered abuse while under their ‘care’.
Kate has personal problems and this is distracting her to the extent that she puts herself in danger more than once.  Can she keep her mind on the job and solve the case or will her problems put her in a situation that she can’t escape?
Another brilliant addition to this series.  Twists, turns and curve balls intertwine to make this an adrenaline pumping read I found impossible to put down.
5 stars from me.

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