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Happy publication day to the brilliant Mark Tilbury.  Today TORMENT is released and you can buy this gripping Psychological Thriller for just 99p/99c.  

TormentTorment by Mark Tilbury

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Who can you really trust?

Beth couldn’t be happier. She is eight weeks pregnant and married to the man of her dreams. But after returning home from a celebratory meal, she finds a wreath from her sister’s grave hanging above the bed and a kitchen knife embedded in her pillow. There are no signs of a forced entry. Nothing is stolen. And no one other than the cleaner has a key to the house.

Then a campaign of terror begins. Beth becomes increasingly paranoid as it becomes clear that someone close to the family is behind these disturbing events.

But who would want Beth dead?

Does the past hold the clue?

And can Beth find the answer before it’s too late?

Torment is a story of misplaced loyalty, revenge and sacrifice.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bethany is happily married to David and after 3 miscarriages they are crossing everything that this time the pregnancy will go to term and they will have the baby they want so much. They have a beautiful house and no money worries so the baby will make their lives complete.

While Beth is cocooned in her bubble of happiness she finds out her friend, Kim, is in an abusive relationship. Determined to help Kim out of a bad situation Beth invites her into her home. Then strange things start happening and Beth’s life starts unravelling.

Why is the death of Heidi coming back to haunt Beth after all these years? Who could possibly want to cause her harm?

This is a well written psychological thriller full of twists and turns as the we try to unravel the clues. There seems to be no clues and nothing that anyone can do to save Beth from the psychopath who wants to destroy her but who is it and why.

A very gripping story that kept the pages turning all the way to the fast paced climatic ending.

A brilliant read.

Thank you very much to Mark Tilbury for the advance copy of this first class thriller. This is my unbiased review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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