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Do you like FREE BOOKS? Do you like Detective Stories? If so I have good news. BRASS IN POCKET book 1 in the brilliant Inspector Drake series is FREE until Monday 28th January.

Brass in Pocket coverBrass in Pocket (Inspector Drake #1) by Stephen Puleston

Available from AMAZON

It is the middle of the night …The road is deserted …A killer is waiting …

Two traffic officers are killed on an isolated mountain pass in North Wales. Inspector Drake is called to the scene and quickly discovers a message left by the killer – traffic cones in the shape of a No 4.

The killer starts sending the Wales Police Service lyrics from famous rock songs. Are they messages or is there some hidden meaning in them?

Does it all mean more killings are likely? When a politician is killed Drake has his answer. And then the killer sends more song lyrics. Now Drake has to face the possibility of more deaths but with numbers dominating the case Drake has to face his own rituals and obsessions.

Finally, when the killer threatens Drake and his family he faces his greatest challenge in finding the killer before he strikes again.

Inspector Drake

Detective Ian Drake is an inspector in the Wales Police Service and is based in the northern division headquarters near Colwyn Bay on the coast. North Wales is a large area that stretches from the coast to the border with England. It is an area rich in history and great scenery.

Book 0.5: The Devils Kitchen (a prequel novella)

Book 1: Brass in Pocket

Book 2: Worse than Dead

Book 3: Against the Tide

Book 4: Dead on your Feet

Book 5: A Time to Kill

Book 6 – Written in Blood

What the bloggers thought:

Ginger Book Geek

Every so often I come across a series of books, where I read one and think ‘how the heck have I not read this series before?’  Well the Inspector Drake series is one such series.  Read more here

Turn the Page Blog

Fantastic read. I’ve come to prefer the UK based books as they’re easier to relate to… This is no exception. This was a relaunch and I have been so honoured to be part of the tour.  Read more here

The Quiet Geordie

I enjoyed the storyline and was kept gripped by what was coming next. There were plenty of cliffhangers that meant “Just one more chapter”! I also particularly enjoyed the chapters with Drake’s family members.  Read more here

Ali the Dragon Slayer

Hooray, I’m in at the start of a series, book one in the Detective Ian Drake series. If you want a quick taster there is a prequel novella The Devils Kitchen which is currently free on Amazon (download).  Read more here

A Bookish Human

The novel kept me intrigued throughout and maintains a steady pace. It is also filled with cliffhangers at the end of chapters which keeps the reader wanting more.  Read more here

On the Shelf Reviews

The book opens with the death of two dodgy policemen on an isolated road. The killer leaves a number four at the crime scene then sends a message to the baffled police in the form of song lyrics. A second murder occurs with the same M.O. and it’s up to Inspector Drake and his team to stop the killer before they strike again.  Read more here

Mystery Thriller Week

I know good crime fiction when I see it and Brass in Pocket certainly is. Stephen Puleston’s writing has a certain realism that can only be explained by experience. After reading so many books you begin to recognize the author’s craft and things that make them unique.  Read more here

Linda Strong Book Reviews

Drake and his team have no clues, no motive. They suspect more murders in the near future.  Read more here

My Review

This is book 1 in the Inspector Drake series although there is a prequel novella, The Devil’s Kitchen that is available free on Amazon.

The story begins with the murder of 2 traffic policemen.  Inspector Ian Drake is called to the scene and so begins a race to unravel the cryptic clues before more people die.

As the book progresses we learn a lot about Ian and his struggle with OCD.  It brings a human perspective to the book as his issues with cleanliness cause him problems with other members of his team.

The story moves along at a decent pace as the reader becomes more intrigued as the case develops and more people die.  What is the link and who is the murderer is something that is a closely guarded secret until we are almost at the end of the book.  I was as flumoxed as the team trying to work out the who and why and then WOW I didn’t see THAT coming.

This is a well written, gripping book that will have the reader turning page after page.  I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Definitely worth the 5 stars.

Author photoAUTHOR BIO:

I write mysteries and thrillers.

I have published the first novel in a series featuring Inspector Drake based in North Wales and also the first in a series with Inspector John Marco based in Cardiff. The first Drake mystery is called BRASS IN POCKET and the second WORSE THAN DEAD. The third, AGAINST THE TIDE and the fourth, DEAD ON YOUR FEET.

Before turning to crime fiction I had written three other unpublished novels and you can read about my writing and about Wales, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, on my website

I was brought up on the Isle of Anglesey, off the North Wales coast and went to school in Holyhead. After a degree in Theology from London University I decided to train as a lawyer and returned to work in the practice run by my father on Anglesey. For many years I worked as a lawyer in a small practice representing clients in the criminal courts and doing divorce work all of which has given me valuable raw material for my novels.

I still live and work in North Wales where the Inspector Drake novels are set.



twitter @stephenpuleston

BLOG TOUR: To the moon and back… by Patricia Asedegbega Nieto #Drama

Today is my stop on the Blog Tour for To the moon and back… This is not my usual read  but it is a book I really enjoyed.  So if you are looking for something a bit different this is a book I can’t recommend highly enough.

…to the moon and back (Anne Book 1)

Available from AMAZON

Is there always a light at the end of every tunnel? 26 year old Anne is seriously beginning to question if she is ever going to find it. After a series of devastating blows, the young nurse finally catches a break; Ben, the love of her life asks her to marry him and it suddenly feels like she can start to smile again. But Anne has a secret that is threatening to destroy it all and this time, there is no easy way out. Will she be able to beat the odds and have the happy ending she has always longed for?

My Review

Anne has her life turned upside down.  Her mum loses a battle with cancer and Anne is working all the shifts she can to repay money borrowed to pay health care costs.  Then fate deals another blow as she is diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  She continues working to save for a life saving operation but when she collapses she realises time has run out.

In a life or death decision she breaks off her engagement to the love of her life and marries a rich surgeon.  After a hysterectomy and chemotherapy she arrives at her marital home to try to live a different life as a wife to a man she rarely knows her dreams of children with Ben dashed into the ground.

We follow Anne as she struggles with life work and relationships in her efforts to gain some sort of control over the pieces of her life she has left.  Is she strong enough for the massive task ahead?  Even her nursing career is in jeopardy as she finds working as a midwife is more painful than she ever thought possible.

Although this is not my usual genre I found it totally gripping and couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough.  An emotional roller coaster of a read but absolutely brilliant! 5 stars from me.

Author Bio

I live in sunny Spain and have been writing for about six years now. I started with a collection of cat stories to raise funds for a shelter and then moved on to my first suspense novel. I write both in Spanish and English and have series in both languages. Though I am a biologist, writing is my true passion. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love.


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