BOOK REVIEW – The Perfect Lie by Adam Croft #bookreview #crimefiction #policeprocedural

Today I would like to share with you my review of THE PERFECT LIE by Adam Croft.

The Perfect Lie by [Croft, Adam]The Perfect Lie by Adam Croft

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What if you were framed for a murder you didn’t commit?

Amy Walker lives the perfect family life with her husband and two young sons. Until a knock at the door turns their lives upside down.

It’s the police. Her father-in-law is dead and they’re arresting her for his murder.

The evidence against her is overwhelming. Forensics and witnesses place her at the scene. But there’s only one problem:

She didn’t do it.

With her family destroyed and a murder sentence looming, Amy must discover who murdered her father-in-law — and why they’re so hell-bent on framing her as the killer.

My thoughts

Firstly, thank you to the Author: Adam Croft for the advance digital copy of The Perfect Lie.  This is my unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The story begins with Amy being arrested for the murder of her father in law.  While she was having some me time alone at home Roger is being killed and all the evidence points to her being guilty.  Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to set her up or have they?

This is an intriguing story that really delves into the nitty gritty of the investigation.   The characters develop well so that I felt I knew them by the end of the story.  What I did find difficult was the story ping-ponging about between different times and people it made it a little of a complicated read.

However, it is still a fairly fast paced story that held my interest enough to keep the pages turning.  It would appeal particularly to readers who like to read detective stories that don’t have the blood and gore I love so much.

A well-earned 4.5 stars from me

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