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Micheal, Joffe Books & I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the awesome bloggers who gave their time and expertise to help promote this book.  You are all amazing and we can’t thank you enough x.

What the Bloggers thought:

 Linda Strong Book Reviews 

This is an action-packed page-turner that will keep the reader engaged and enthralled. Never a dull moment when Sophie is on the job. She’s a cracker-jack copper with a brilliant mind and what she wants more than anything is justice for the victims.  Read more here

Black Books Blog 

This is a really good book, which kept me hooked as there are so many little twists and turns throughout the book, with more intriguing things happening all the time.  Read more here

Ginger Book Geek 

I absolutely loved, loved, loved reading ‘Shadow Crimes’. I wholeheartedly recommend this author and his books to other readers.  Read more here

Nicki’s Book Blog 

Characters you take to and a nice easy read with nothing too much to give you nightmares or to put you off your dinner. Teamwork and in this case two wonderful female leads. A good solid plot line and some humour make this a very enjoyable read.  Read more here

Joanna Larum’s Reviews

The story is riveting and the writing style is such that the reader cannot put the book down. I was enthralled from the first page and would recommend to all lovers of police procedural books.  Read more here

Turn The Page

A shadowy group with more influence than anyone suspected will stop at nothing to protect themselves.  Read more here

Mystery Thriller Week 

Loved everything about the book and found the writing to very entertaining. It’s easy to lost in the story! I’ll definitely be reading the rest of this series.  Read more here

Shadow Crimes by Michael Hambling

Available from Amazon UK   US   AU   CA


An undercover detective disappears.
A retired prison officer is murdered.
Drugs and contraband phones are out of control in the local prisons. How are they getting in?

Can Detective Sophie Allen discover the links between these crimes?


A shadowy group with more influence than anyone suspected will stop at nothing to protect themselves.

Discover the truth in this enthralling crime mystery.

If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Colin Dexter, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writer.

SHADOW CRIMES is book seven of a new series of crime thrillers featuring Sophie Allen, head of the Violent Crime Unit in Dorset.

DCI Sophie Allen is Dorset’s acknowledged expert on murder and violent crime. She is 42 as the series starts, and lives with her husband and younger daughter in Wareham. Her elder daughter is studying in London. Sophie has a law degree and a master’s in criminal psychology. Her brilliant mind conceals some dark secrets from her past.

DS Barry Marsh is based at Swanage police station. He’s quiet, methodical and dedicated, the perfect foil for Sophie’s hidden fragility.

Dorset. A beautiful English county which includes a stunning section of the coastline, but whose beauty belies darkness beneath the surface.


Book 6: EVIL CRIMES read more here

Books 1-3 are also available as a box set from Amazon UK   US  CA   AU

My thoughts

This is book 7 but the books work perfectly as stand alone.

Sophie Allen has been promoted to Detective Superintendent and is still getting used to her new powers when a new case lands on her desk that sees her working once again with Lydia a colleague from her past.

This is a complicated case with prison smuggling becoming entangled with racial hatred and murder that strikes very close to home for the teams when one of their own goes missing.

It is a fast-paced story with many twists and turns as the 2 teams and 2 cases struggle to find a way forward.  If you like the detective investigative side of crime fiction you will love this book as we follow the teams as they pick their way through the few clues they have to find a way forward.  It isn’t until the end that the clues become leads and all the strands start to knit together.

The characters are complex and realistic I particularly like the part played by Danny and his family and overall the compassionate way the scenes were set.

A gripping read that keeps the readers’ interest all the way through.

Author Bio

Like many writers, I have been a keen reader all of my life. I remember one day as a nine year old in the summer holidays, when I visited the local library four times in one day because a child’s ticket only allowed one book out at a time! I can even remember the plot of one book, a story about a boy taking up fly-fishing, read while sitting outside in a sunny back garden in Bristol.

I still live in the west-country, and set the location of my novels in this area. The early novels in the series are based in the Isle of Purbeck, one of the UK’s most beautiful coastal regions. But the rest of the county of Dorset does get a look in, and there are scenes set in other locations in the central south of England.

I write because I constantly create scenes, people, imaginary conversations and unusual situations in my head. I have always done so, ever since I was a child. Using the richness of the English language to set down these creations in words is a great joy. Maybe by the time I’ve edited a passage for the umpteenth time it’s beginning to lose some of its sparkle for me, but I do believe in reshaping and polishing until it’s as good as I can make it. It then becomes something about which I can feel some justifiable pride.

Who are my own favourite writers? Hilary Mantel, of course. Not just the the recent Thomas Cromwell novels, but the brilliant and sly characterisation of Beyond Black.
Doris Lessing has written some startlingly original stories over many years. I’m also a great fan of David Mitchell. He shows great creativity in all of his novels.
Philip Pullman has written many books of startling originality, full of imaginative ideas. Not just the Lara series, but the earlier Sally Lockhart novels. One of my sons bought me La Belle Sauvage (volume one of the Book of Dust trilogy) for Christmas. I loved it, so much so that I’ve already re-read it a month later, something very rare for me. Wonderful stuff.
Another author I’ve come to admire greatly is Charity Norman. She writes about families in crisis situations and how the problem is partly resolved. I came to her books with “The New Woman”, a novel that probes the problems created by gender variance. Her other novels are equally good. Her writing style is outstanding.

In crime fiction I like Kate Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie novels and the books of Mo Hayder. I also enjoy Colin Dexter’s Morse and Ian Rankin’s Rebus novels.

I cannot compete with these greats, so I aim for something different. I hope that I have succeeded to some extent.




BLOG TOUR WRAP UP – Horsemen by Stewart Giles

Once again a big thank you to the awesome bloggers who helped with the launch of Horsemen.  We are nearly to the end of the relaunch of the entire Smith series and you have all helped with every one you really are amazing.  THANK YOU love Jill & Stewart

Black Books Blog

The book kept me guessing all the way to the end, and even when Smith was talking to the murderer I still didn’t realise until he finally confessed and everything fell into place. Read more here

Ginger Book Geek 

Oh my goodness gracious me, ‘Horsemen’ is one seriously, stonkingly well written and fantastic book.  The author certainly knows how to grab your attention from the start and much like a hypnotist, he keeps you under the book’s spell until the moment you close the back cover.    Read more here

Joanna Larum’s Reviews

I love the Jason Smith character and I believe Stewart Giles is getting better and better with every book he writes. Keep going Mr Giles!  Read more here

Donna’s Book Blog 

I love reading the books in this series – they are well written and I find them quite addictive.  The characters work so well together.   Read more here

Linda Strong Book Reviews 

This is another exciting adventure for Jason and his colleagues. It’s a fast romp through the world of horses and horsemen. It’s a brutal cut-throat business where secrets remain hidden and everyone lies. Jason certainly has his hands full this time.  Read more here

Turn The Page Blog 

Another fantastic offering from Stewart Giles, but I would start from book 1 (listed below) as they do develop through the series, and they are defo all worth reading.  Read more here

On the Shelf Reviews 

Another fast paced adventure in the Smith series! My heart was in my mouth when Smith gets arrested for a murder he didn’t commit and I genuinely didn’t know if he’d get released or not!  Read more here


Galloping through the series, I’m diving into Horsemen face first, with my feet barely touching the ground. The action is coming thick and fast with no let up!!  Read more here

Book Worm

Horsemen (DS Jason Smith #7) by Stewart Giles

Available from AMAZON

From #1 best-selling author: Stewart Giles comes a new addition to the popular Detective Jason Smith series.

One draining murder investigation after another has left DS Jason on the brink of losing his sanity and he needs a break.

Smith sets off for the peaceful Yorkshire village of Scarpdale for two weeks of country air, slow walks by the lakes and no mobile phone reception. He wakes up on his first morning to find three policemen outside his room. A young woman has been found dead next to one of the lakes. Smith was seen talking to the woman the night before.

Smith is begged by Jimmy Phoenix to find out what happened to his daughter. Against his better judgment, Smith agrees and starts to ask questions, but the locals are not giving anything away. When Sophie’s boyfriend, Lewis Van Camp is found dead an hour before her funeral, Smith is baffled. Lewis was his odds on favourite for Sophie’s murder.

Smith quickly realizes that rival horse breeders, the Van Camps and the Phoenix’s are involved somehow. Everybody he speaks to talks of something that happened in New York the previous summer; something sinister involving these horsemen but nobody seems to know exactly what went on.

An action packed thriller filled with the twists, turns and red herrings we expect from Stewart Giles. This is an edge of your seat page-turner that will appeal to all readers of crime fiction.

York is a historic walled city in North Yorkshire, England.

At the confluence of the River Ouse and Foss, York is the traditional county town of the historic county of Yorkshire. York Minster and a variety of cultural and sporting activities make it a popular tourist destination.

DS Jason Smith is an Australian who was sent to York to live with his Grandmother when his sister disappeared from a beach. He has suffered many losses in his short life and is now a dedicated detective. He is a bit of a loose cannon he has his own way of doing things and that doesn’t always mean following orders and procedures.

DC Erica Whitton is Jason’s preferred partner they work well together and share a bond. She isn’t always appreciated by Jason, but they care about each other and that brings a different dimension to the series.

My thoughts

This review is for the newly updated and re-edited version

I love this series. The books just get better and better and this one is no different.

I am pleased to see Smith starting to mature and get it together with Whitton. They make a brilliant team both personally and professionally. I also like the humour Stewart has run through the books especially with Chalmers and Smyth I can actually see that happening in real life.

The story revolves around the people with big money the underlying theme being ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’

Smith is planning a break away from all the evil and death in his private and professional life but first he needs to solve the McDonalds robberies that are taking place around the city. This brings him face to face with Jimmy Phoenix, a self made millionaire.

The McDonalds case closed Smith sets off for the Yorkshire wilderness but typical of Smith’s world a break is not going to happen anytime soon.

Love, love, love this story. There are so many twists and turns as Smith tries to untangle secrets and the intrigue builds right to the end. As is typical the ending is a totally unexpected.

Characters that grow with every book, a unique story with twists, turns and red herrings this is everything a crime thriller should be and more. A must read for lovers of great detective stories.

5 golden stars from me.

What readers are saying about Horsemen:

‘Just finished the latest Jason Smith book and thoroughly enjoyed the series so far. Great characters, clever storylines with excitement and humour thrown in. Well worth a read.’ – Margaret Murray

‘Having read the previous Jason Smith books, I was waiting eagerly for this new addition – and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. I’ve found them all engaging from the first page and so easy to become totally immersed in the story as it so carefully unfolded on each page.’ – Paul B
‘I’m a great fan of Stewart Giles and devour his books eagerly. I sometimes find that when I read a series I become bored and critical of the characters & plots but I never tire of Jason Smith.’ – Pat McCulloch

‘Another compelling detective story in the delightful DS Jason Smith series of thrillers. Jason finds he has to cross the Atlantic in order to solve a crime committed on his own doorstep. A most satisfying ending.’ – Kindle Customer

‘I have read the whole series back to back and really enjoyed them, both plot and character wise. Really looking forward to next one, to see what’s in store for Smith’ – JeffKnowsStuff


Book 0.5 – Phobia
Book 1 – Smith
Book 2 – Boomerang
Book 3 – Ladybird
Book 4 – Occam’s Razor
Book 5 – Harlequin
Book 6 – Selene
Book 7 – Horsemen
Book 8 – Unworthy

Book 1 – The Beekeeper
Book 2 – The Perfect Murder
Book 3 – The Backpacker

Book 1 – The Enigma – will be released on 18th November 2018

Stewart Giles – Author Bio

After reading English at 3 Universities and graduating from none of them, I set off travelling around the world with my wife, Ann, finally settling in South Africa, where we still live. After Ann dropped a rather large speaker on my head I came up with the idea for a detective series. DS Jason Smith was born. Smith, the first in the series was finished a few months later. 3 years and 8 DS Smith books later, Joffe Books wondered if I would be interested in working with them. As a self-published author, I agreed. However, we decided on a new series – the DC Harriet Taylor Cornwall series. The Beekeeper hit the shelves and hit the number one spot in Australia. The second in the series, The Perfect Murder did just as well. The third in the series, The Backpacker I have self-published and is now available.


Twitter: @stewartgiles

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