I rarely use my Blog for anything other than book related posts but I feel I need to share my home shopping experience.

Firstly I would like to make clear that the Manageress at Sainsbury’s Matlock was extremely helpful but was unable to physically do anything to help despite trying everything.

Secondly, I would ask that you forget we are talking about cigarettes here the product is not relevant to this.  For those who don’t smoke all packs of cigarettes look the same now here are 3 different brands:

I have been shopping online with Sainsburys for over a year we have an Anytime Delivery Saver and spend approximately £200 a week online and instore (£9600 during the course of this delivery saver which expires at the end of November 2018).  The deliveries are not very reliable we often get the wrong variety of dog food despite it being Do Not Substitute and other things have been wrong but we tended to let it go.  So when we received the cigarettes on 12th October they looked the same and we had no substitutions so it wasn’t until we opened them that we realised they were wrong.  We had been charged for Black Superkings and Black Superkings had been scanned in according to the till receipt but they delivered something totally different.  Instead of 1 x 100 Black Superkings for which we had been charged £56.25 we received 1 x 100 Sterling Blue which they sell for £42.50 so we were overcharged £13.75 for those.  Instead of 2 x 20 Black Superkings for which we had been charged £22.50 we received 2 x 20 Benson & Hedges Dual which they sell for £20.08.  So despite being given the wrong products, we have also been overcharged £16.18.

I emailed a couple of times and filled in a couple of online forms and got no response.  I rang the helpline and after being put on hold for long periods several times I was told that there was nothing they could do as the products had been opened.  They did offer me a £10 voucher as a ‘gesture of goodwill’!!  I told them to forget it.  Below are the barcodes and till receipts, if you use a barcode scanner they come up as the brand it says on the packet so somehow Sainsbury’s managed to scan in Superkings and deliver something different.  The evidence is there – getting them to admit it was a whole different ball game.

So I decided to try Social Media and so began a game where I was passed around from person to person via Messenger:

First up was SAL: 

Then along came Drago:

Then on 17th we have Laura:




and a bit later on she is replaced by Marc









and a bit later Marc is replaced by Dani

Then we have Ewan closely followed by Gordy 

and then Sas and then Gordy is back 

RESULT!!  except it isn’t because apparently, the refund was dependant on me taking the cigs back to Ripley because of course, it states that clearly doesn’t it?  I obviously need to go to Specsavers.

So the bottom line is NO I didn’t get a refund because I am not driving 15 miles to Ripley to rectify THEIR mistake it isn’t on the way to anywhere I go and while I was waiting for the promised refund I gave the cigarettes away lol.

So the message is clear don’t shop with Sainsbury’s if you do check everything before the driver leaves.  I have to admit I was very tempted to place another order and check every single item against the receipt while the driver stood there watching his route timing go out of the window but in the end I decided it would inconvenience people who were not part of this.

So back to Tesco I go I only changed because Dad decided he didnt like Tesco food any more but he has gone now.  The silver lining is I get Virgin Flying miles with Tesco so another free flight coming up 🙂

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